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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Haidar Mirna (ROWA)


United we stand, Divided we fall’ is Mirna Haidar’s philosophy. "I am a 20-year-old activist who believes one person can make a change as part of a whole", she says.  

The young Political Science student from Lebanon is part of the leading activism organisation in the Arab world, IndyACT that recruits, trains and inspires activists to work on its environmental, social and cultural campaigns. 

The environment is a great cause in her eyes. "I cannot stop talking about it. The environment is part of my daily life and I make sure people around me know that the planet is in danger and I make sure they understand the urgency of the situation", she says. 

Despite all her efforts to raise awareness, she does not consider herself as a hero. She thinks her actions are normal and she expects no reward in return. "Any average person can care for the environment”, she says simply. 

Mirna ,who has roots from both from Lebanon and Cote d'Ivoire, believes that superpowers aren’t necessary to protect the planet – we can all share positive environmental messages with those closest to us, like family and friends.