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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Yaiguili Alvarado (Indigenous Groups)

Yaiguili Alvarado García from Panama was born on 24 August 1991. She is Kuna, an indigenous group from Panama and Colombia. In addition she has a Spanish background and has been raised in an intercultural environment.

From an early age, Yaiguili has been aware of the importance of environment conservation as my mother and my father established an indigenous NGO in Panama, dedicated to protect environment and develop indigenous people's knowledge.

In 2007 Yaiguili became a member for OJEWP, an indigenous NGO for youth that sprung from her parents NGO, which later joined the TUNZA Network after she represented the organization at the 2007 UNEP - TUNZA International Youth Conference held in Leverkusen,Germany as an indigenous participant.

In 2009, she attended UNEP’s Global Youth Gathering prior to the 10th Global Civil Society Forum and the 25th Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi where she was actively involved in seeking support for indigenous youth representation within the decision making processes. 

Yaiguili looks forward to strengthen the voices of all indigenous young peoples around world in environmental issues.