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ADVISOR - Andrew Bartolo (ROE)

From the age of 7 I've been part of my school's scout group which has always pushed to make the world a better place, be it socially or environmentally. Now 11 years on i'm still an active member of my group, helping out with the younger age sectors, taking them on nature treks as well as educating them on living in harmony with our local environment when camping or when conducting any outdoor activity.

I first got involved with UNEP aged 13 when i submitted a painting to the Paint For The Planet competion. After placing third in that year, 2 years later i was invited up to New York together with five other youths to auction off our paintings. All the money raised from this auction was donated to be used to help children around the world who felt the devastating affects of climate change.

Having passed my A-levels with the appropriate grades i have now applied for the University of Malta and have been accepted into it to study Architecture. Although the course is quite long (six years to graduate with a Masters Degree) i am quite excited to begin it as there seems to be an opening for specialising in green-homes, a place that blends functionality with sustainability.

Finally once a week i volunteer at my local Judo club in teaching judo to children aged between 5 and 12years, and i dont think there is anything as satisfying as watching them develop from shy kids to young men and women, not only improving their judo skills but also their communication skills and self confidence.