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ADVISOR - Dalia Márquez (ROLAC)

My name is Dalia Fernanda Márquez Añez, I'm from Venezuela state Táchira, I have 22 years old and I'm a lawyer. Since my 9 years old i have worked on environmental projects and community work. When i had 17 years old, i founded an organization called Estudiantes Venezolanos Ecologistas (Venezuelan students Environmentalists) and the ecological group ECOUCAT in my university with which I developed various projects of recycling, tree planting and environmental education..

Now I am Executive Director of the Venezuelan Youth Organization for the United Nations. In the organization that I represent we are developing environmental projects of ecological education, ecological entrepreneurship and creation of an ecological park with organic orchard. I’m part of the Venezuelan Youth Organization for the United Nations (OVJNU), ecological group ECOUCAT, Venezuelan Students Environmentalists, Amnesty International and other ecological groups.

In organizations that I am we work in network with the ecological organizations that we know of my country. I’m very happy to be part of the TUNZA network and is a pleasure for me be TYAC to Latinamerica and the Caribean. Thanks for the oportunity i will do my best job.