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ADVISOR - Elham Fadaly(ROA)

My name is Elham Fadaly. I will be graduating in May, 2013 from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in Egypt with a major bachelor of Electronics engineering and minor of Mechatronics Engineering.

I was born on 9th Septmeber, 1991, and raised in a city from upper Egypt called Beni-Suef before I moved to the crowded big cities like Cairo at 16. When I came to the capital and crowded environment, I realized that the rates of pollution are undermining healthy livelihoods in the cities. I then got an interest in environmental issues, and making the best use of my studies and my skills to contribute to finding clean energy alternatives and decreasing the rate of pollution in my community.

I have been working in the field of sustainable development with its all types (political, Economic, Educational, Environmental and social) for 6 years now. My work was mainly concentrated in the underprivileged areas in Egypt. I've worked since 2008 with an organization called (Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development (AYB-SD)), in English means (For you my country). Also, I was enrolled in 2010 in Namaa summer school for sustainable Development from where I started my interest in the environmental issues and knew my passion about green economy field. In Namaa school, I was exposed to many projects in which underprivileged people made fantastic products using wasted materials like papers and water.

Generally, My dream is to develop a world that is environmentally aware and responsible and to enhance environmental education. In my region, I really dream of creating zero waste cities.