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My name is Gracia Paramitha, from Indonesia. Just call me Grace. I will start studying my Master of International Relations in University of Indonesia, Jakarta next September. I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity as United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) TUNZA Youth Advisory Council on Asia Pacific Region 2011 on TUNZA Programme ( 

I am interested in lecturing, sharing and discussion with young people, singing, traveling, and learning something new. I just organized International Youth Day 2012 Celebration with my friends, and it’s titled: “Build Better Indonesian Youth” on Sunday, 12 August 2012 @atamerica, Pacific Place, Jakarta (for live streaming, please access: We also launched a song which titled “Youth Drive Change”. 

It’s composed by Leo Mokodompit, Coordinator of UNESCO National Commission Youth Desk ( Now I'm working in Ministry of Environment, as the staff of Bureau for Planning and International Cooperation. At work, I have been doing some lobbying, negotiation, and bilateral meeting with foreign government officials, as I am working on Bilateral Cooperation division. 

My bilateral team and I also have organized well the “Regional Environmental Security Conference” which in cooperate with US Pacific Commands and Southeast Asia civil-­‐military on 2-­‐5 April 2012, in Jakarta. I like singing, reading books, writing articles, and lecturing or sharing any information. Fortunately, I have got special award from K-­‐Water, Republic of Korea as the distinguished parliamentarian of 1st Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water last 27 July.

I also got scholarship called “Global Entrepreneurship Summer School” which organized by 4 universities in Munich, Germany on 18-­‐ 29 September 2012 ( Actually, I'm having high passion on environmental issues since 2002. I was chosen as Princess of Environment from Tunas Hijau Club, local environmental NGO in Surabaya. I've been doing garbage management in schools, giving training about environmental habit, making green spaces with local government. I'll do my best and "save the environment as well as we saved our clean heart"! :)