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ADVISOR: NaYomi ShawKi Nemtalla Mohammed (ROA)

  • Name: Neima’t Allah Mohamed Elmahdi Mohamed Kamil Shawki.
  • Date Of Birth: 11/08/1991.
  • Address: House no. 2872/4/3 Abassya – Omdurman – Khartoum – Sudan.
  • Mailing Address: P.O Box 3944 Khartoum – Sudan.
  • Mobile no: +249 9135 07706.
  • Tell Fax: +249 1886 48080.
  • E-mail :
  • Language: Arabic , English.
  • Family: Single. The eldest child of 2 , a brother , mother and father.
  • Education:
    _Kindergarten School (1994-1996) : Arabic International private pre-school.
    -Primary School (1996-2003): Elmarghanya Omdurman Private Primary School.
    -Secondary School (2003-2007): Elnokhba Private Secondary School.
    -University (2007-2012): Khartoum University, Faculty of Forestry.
  • Other Studies:
    -Sulti English Academy (2004).

-Oxford English Academy (2007).
-Petrol Stations management course (2008).
-First Aids Course (2010).
-Office Management Course for 3 months (2010-2011).

  • Work:
    -Trainee and Researcher at Forests National Corporation-Sudan (June.2011).
    -Researcher assistance for Forestry and Biodiversity in Sudan at Ahfad University for Women (Since June.2011).
    -Youth Representative at the Billion Forests Fruit Tree Organization, and Gum Arabic Board.
  • Environment Activities:
    -Camping and studying the biodiversity for 2 weeks in Elnour Forest in Eldamazeen- Blue Nile State-Sudan (May.2008).
    -Organizing a celebration under the slogan of “Clean Environment and Life is Ours and Others” at Shambat petroleum Service Station-Khartoum-Sudan (December.2008).
    -Camping and studying the desertification For 3 weeks in Kadogly Forests-Northern Kurdufan- Sudan (December.2009).
    -Elsabaloga the 6’th waterfall Field Trip for studying the soil and biodiversity-Northern Khartoum (2009).
    -Giad Industrial City Field trip and research about the environment friendly vehicles (November.2009).
    -Camping and making some researches in desertification for 3 weeks in Bara Southern Kurdufan-Sudan (July.2010)
    -Camping and studying timber wood, Coal and paper making, Forests and range management in Eldamazeen – Blue Nile state-Sudan (May.2011).
    -Attending a lot of lectures and conferences in environment and forestry.
    -Attending Tunza 2011 conference in Bandung , Indonesia (September.2011)
  • Social Activities:
    -Member of the Sudanese friends for forests and Environment.
    -Chairman of Holiday Social Club for Children and Youth.
    -Member of The International Community Club.
    _Chairman of Elmarghanya Private Schools students group.
    -Member of Babiker Badri Environment Office Scientific association for Women Studies.
    -Member of The Sudanese Social Forestry Society.
    -Member of the Sudanese environment conservation society.
    -Member of the Shawgists Family League.
  • Countries Visited:
Ireland (2 times) , England (2 times) , Egypt (3 times) , Saudi Arabia , Syria , Jordon , Indonesia.