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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Sara Svensson (ROE)

 Sara Svensson, from Sweden, was elected to the Tunza Youth Advisory Council of UNEP on 30 August 2007.

Sara is the vice chair and project officer of Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), a federation of 60 youth environmental organizations in 30 countries in Europe. She is also the international secretary of the Swedish organization Fältbiologerna (Nature and Youth Sweden) and active on local level in the same organization.

Sara has experience in organizing international training courses on various environmental topics. She wants to empower young environmentalists all over the world to use their knowledge and creativity to create sustainable local communities and to influence decision makers for a sustainable future.

In June 2006 Sara graduated from the education programme Globalverkstan – International Project Management for Social Movements and NGOs. Now she will combine this with environmental studies.

Sara was born on 7 November 1984 and grew up close to nature. She believes that learning about nature brings a deeper understanding of the importance to protect it. In her daily life she tries to live in a more sustainable way, and she encourages others to do the same.