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ADVISOR - Shruti Neelakantan (ROAP)

Shruti is a Journalism Student in M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai. She is also the International Climate Champion selected by the British Council. She has been researching and working towards mitigating climate change for five years now and has had many of opportunities to witness change firsthand. She has had the chance to visit the Arctic region, the Alps and witnessing the melting of glaciers and other impacts of climate change.

With her continued passion for the environment she has been involved in various projects. Apart from Presentations, speeches and conferences she conducts Eco-Kids camp for the children to create awareness among them, to act faster. She also sells cloth and jute bags at a nominal price so we all can switch and adapt to a more environment friendly method of living. She is also working towards transforming her neighborhood to an environment friendly place. While she is also looking forward to work on her dream project which involves adoption of a village and creating an environmentally friendly village model, she believes in the saying by Mahatma Gandhi “WE HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.”

Being part of the advisory council, she hopes to build a strong network among the youth to make a noise out to the people and make a difference.