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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Zainab Humdain (ROWA)

 Zainab Humdain, from Bahrain, was elected to the Tunza Youth Advisory council of UNEP on 30 August 2007.

She is the Vice President of Environmental Citizenship Program ECP in Manama, which communicates the values of the Earth Charter and works towards sustainable development by delivering workshops for schools, kindergartens and orphan care centers. She also organizes events and campaigns addressing several pressing environmental issues in Bahrain, such as reclaiming land from the ocean, global warming, climate change and other themes.

Zainab has won many environmental awards such as The Youth of The World from the Scout movement and the Best Environmental project from the Ministry of Education and Gulf Petrochemicals Industrial Company.

She believes that by love we can ensure sustainability for Mother Earth and wants to enlarge the scope of her environmental awareness to the whole region by networking with other regional environmental organizations and groups . Her favorite quote is "You must be the change you want to see in the word" by Mahatma Ghandi .

Zainab was born on 15 July 1987. She likes reading, doing voluntary work and teaching children.