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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Anne Walraven (ROE)

I am Anne Walraven, currently mastering in Environmental Resource Management at the VU-University in Amsterdam, after finishing my bachelor in Earth Sciences.7.

My passion is mainly on climate change: the field where I want to make a contribution during the coming years. I have experience in project management, communication, research and social networking.

As a volunteer for Solar Generation International, assistent of the projectleader of a big Dutch research project about the impact of climate change to urban coastal areas worldwide, and former president of Foundation Students In Free Enterprise - VU, I learned about effective ways to combine the needs I see in this world with concrete solutions and projects. An example of this is the bigmamma program that was initiated in 2007, an online website tool that connects young people around the world working for a more sustainable future.

The program will give an overview of the different youth groups and organizations active and provides the tools for effective action. On this website you will be able to easily find organizations, people and projects, share best practices and connect to like-minded people beyond borders. In weekends, I like to hang out with friends and do sports (Pilates and running) . In holidays, I love to travel and learn about other cultures and backgrounds. However, while travelling I also see the effects of climate change taking place already (for example, in Greenland), which makes me very motivated to work on my projects in daily life.