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Advisor Profile

ADVISOR - Handy Acosta Cuellar (ROLAC)

Handy Acosta Cuellar, from Cuba, was elected to the Tunza Youth Advisory Council of UNEP on 30 August 2007.

He is a member of the NGO ProNATURALEZA, the biggest NGO in his country. Within his NGO, he is president of a work group and promotes youth participation in environmental activities all over the country. He organized several workshops and conferences and also participated in the XI International Workshop on Environmental Education 2006 and in the V International Students Environmental Workshop 2003, both in Cuba. He works as a teacher and links environmental awareness with actions at the local level.

Handy is also a member of the National Coordination Group of the Youth Environmental Cuban Network, where he promotes the TUNZA and UNEP strategies and projects. He coordinates and belongs to the Clean up the World Campaign in Havana. 

He wants to strengthen the link between the GEO for Youth project and the TUNZA network in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. He aims to represent the Latin American youth feelings and ideas regarding the environment. 

Handy was born on 23 February 1985. He likes diving, camping and reading.