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Joeri Lagrou a TYAC Member  attends the  European Youth Perspective Conference on biodiversity, July 2010

From the 1st until the 6th of July 2010, Joeri Lagrou a TYAC Member  attended the  European Youth Perspective Conference on biodiversity. The conference held in Geel (Belgium), attracted 150 young Europeans from 35 different European countries.  It was a green week.

The participants ate vegetarian, ecological, fair-trade food, re-used everything, and used eco-friendly soap among other things. During that week they had a lot of presentations from experts (scientists, policymakers, activists), did capacity building and had an action in front of the European Commision in Brussel. 

 The result of YouPEC was the formulation of the Youth Perspective on Biodiversity. In this declaration, the participants urge for action on biodiversity. The participants presented the declaration at the EU Commission building in Brussels, while each of them was holding an image of Europe’s unique species and ecosystems attached to a balloon.

To symbolise their concerns regarding the rapidly accelerating rate of biodiversity loss, they stopped the balloons from flying and handed them over to the European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik.

 YouPEC was an amazing event that inspired all the participants, to start acting to protect and restore Europe’s biodiversity.

 Joeri also attended the 53th IAAS World Congress in Indonesia from 9 july till 6 august I (as national director of IAAS Belgium). IAAS is an international association of students in agricultural and related sciences.

The first week they had the general assembly were he was chairman and the other 3 weeks there were seminars themed "The Power of Local Resources to Support Food, Energy, and Trade: Food Security, Renewable Energy, and Free Trade". Participants planted trees and corals, visited plantations and a geothermal energy central and got interesting presentations. 

Download YouPEC 2010 Declaration



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