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 The Adopt A Tree project, Hanoi – Vietnam

 Adopt A Tree project is the result of 350Vietnam objectives and the vision of connecting youth and children. 

Basically, Adopt A Tree is an education project. It is the hard¬working of youth to bring to children, mainly at primary and secondary school an easy¬approaching knowledge of Climate Change. And together, youth and children in Vietnam will raise 1000 trees for 1000 year history of Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital. 

The project wants to approach at least 1000 children of around 20 primary schools in Hanoi at the first step. The main project is implementing in August and September and closes by the small¬size children¬youth conference on 10/10/2010 with the aim of making a rock for Campaign 10:10 of 

On 12/5 last week, to kick¬off the project, we held the pilot event at Van Khe primary school, gathered 52 fourth grade children and 48 student at 20¬22 age. 

After educating children about Climate Change issues and sharing with some simple actions they can do to tackle Climate Change crisis such as planting tree, recycling, saving water and electricity… we went into real action: How to plant a tree? 

Put the tree into the hole and make it nicely fit into the hole. “Now you can feel the warm of the earth. It is breathing and growing up our tree” 

And now we are done a GREAT JOB and let’s ROCK.

It was only the start for the whole project carried out in next following months. 

To prepare for the rock of it, in the next World Environment Day, we will hold a one¬week event at Foreign Trade University names “Recycling Week”. We will try to collect 1000 used bottles for planting small¬size trees after labeling them with a green tip 

I would like to send our project story to Tunza with an aim at contributing for Tunza Month celebration. It may not be the greatest story in comparing to other ones, but it is the most meaningful project in Vietnam at the moment since it is the first time youth and children here can hold in hands and make a different. See Full Story and pictures


Earth Day Update: Green is Clean Campaign, Kenya

Green is Clean Campaign to celebrate Earth Day.The AYICC Kenya joined the Chiromo Environmental Awareness Club (CEAC) in marking the day.

They cleaned up Nairobi river which passes through the campus grounds, and later had a flash mob dance and interactive session.

It was very inspiring to have the attendance of the Ministry of Environment representative and her son, who is a member of the Teens and Youth Club- Africa. AYICC Kenya will be partnering with TYC africa to mentor the younger youth who have just completed high school.

Earth Day Campaign in School, United Arab Emirates

A school in UAE celebrated earth day on April 22nd, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. They  took part in the grocery bag project initiated by Mark Ahlness. The students enjoyed decorating thier grocery bags and were enthusiastic about writing positive messages about caring about our planet Earth. 

The students had the chance to promote their bags at the Carrefour hypermarket and also they talked with the shoppers and helped the salespeople by using their recycled bags instead of plastic bags! They also got parents involved in helping the students to create a recycled project and they made a big display in the school’s reception so that all of our visitors can see it. 

The School devoted one full week of environmental awareness activities including designing and promoting grocery bags, morning assembly,  planting trees, also the students had the chance to visit some governmental organizations including: The Higher Colleges of Technology (RAK women’s college), Ministry of Education and the Cultural Center to distribute flowers and wish people a "Happy Earth Day"!

Earth Day Update: Tree Planting Report For Eco-Club Action Roots&Shoots, Kenya

Members of Eco-Club Action  participated in Tree planting program  coordinated with Kenya Airways and planted 30,000 tree seedlings at Ngong Forest on 24th April 2010.In  preparation to mark World Environment Day 5th June 2010 and World Biodiversity Days.

Participant were from Kenya Army,Kenya Forest Service , Kenya Wildlife Service and the local people who were very supportive.

About 5,000 people from different institution,organization attended.The host were Kenya Airways  and sponsors Cocacola Company,Roll Roys

Earth Day Report - Youth Environment Network (YEN) Zambia and YUNA Zambia

 Youth Environment Network (YEN) Zambia and the United Nations Youth Association (YUNA) partnered in participating in this year’s Earth Day Event. Specifically our organizations worked together in setting up an information stand during the Green Technology conference and Exhibition at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.  

During the exhibitions we looked at a number of green issues that can help in mitigating the effects of climate change. We also provided practical information to a number of people from all walks of life who visited our information stand on the importance of four R’s (Reduce, ReUse, Recycle, and Rot) in cutting on waste and other economical benefits that people can get from the simple concept of 4R’s. read more>>

Happy Earth Day - Celebration at the Beach, Iran.

Students aged between  11 - 14 years old, in a small town  called Dayyer in the south of Bousher, Iran had an environmental activity on earth day.

They went to the beach with their teachers and cleaned the beach,  made drawings on the sand and told the other people about earth day.

 Earth Day Celebrations at Tarumitra, India

A big meeting in the desert State of Rajasthan reeling under water crisis. Over 1500 students participated in the programme to conserve water.  Twin schools of  St. Anselm’s Bhilwara and Sophia Bhilwara participated in the programme. The students also made a mapping of biodiversity of the desert region. 

 Simultaneously, there was a workshop planned on invitro conservation of Biodiversity at the Tarumitra Bioreserve in Patna. Students from ten schools participated in the workshop conducted by two young scientists, Chiranjeev and Ms Sangeeta. The students were informed on the importance of the Tissue culture process and later got a hands own experience at the Tarumitra Tissue Culture lab. 

     Also, Senior students of Don Bosco Academy came to Tarumitra bioreserve to start a Terrace garden as part of the campaign for Square meter gardening. Ms Margaret, trained in Japan on Organic Farming helped them to plan the 3 Square meter garden on the top. 

The Press covered the events and the message on Biodiversity when the U.N is celebrating 2010 as year of Biodiversity. 


Earth Day Update: Save our Planet Initiative by students from Central College, Lebanon

The students were involved in planting of tress in the Mayrouba area.Here is their declaration "Let’s save our planet by doing effective, constructive action not by spreading slogans here and there. We, the students of Central College, care about Earth because it is our home. We can heal our planet’s wounds by contributing in the process of restoring stability to Mother Nature. Each one of us can do something, and together we can do great things. Let’s go green and replant. Each tree we plant lessens Earth’s pain and increases our chances of survival. Planting trees in Mayrouba did not only give us the chance to spend an enjoyable day in nature, but it also helped each one of us understand how great it is to be one of the people who are joining in the process of saving our planet."

Environmental Awareness campaigns for youth at public schools in Bahrain

Bahrain - March 2010

Marie Daher, a UNEP Staff organised an awareness  campaign for youth at public schools in Bahrain. The three presentations included competitions and focused on UNEP’s role, biodiversity and Tunza-youth activities. Students  in various levels from the  age group of 9 to 18 years were highly interested in UNEP’s youth activities. 





'Think globally, Act locally’ symposium

Bahrain - March 2010

‘Think globally, Act locally’ symposium was the motto for a symposium which organized at the University of Bahrain. It was organized between friends of the environment club in collaboration with Japanese embassy on 29 - 3 - 2010.

The event involved:

- Opening remarks by Dr. Khadija Zainal (Director of friends of the environment club) 

- Japanese embassy speech by counselor Mr. Tetsushi Kondo 

- Live video presentation by Japanese students from Meiji University the ever at my University

- Tunza Advisory Council Member Shaikha’s presentation which talked about current environmental issues in Bahrain, the Tunza Programme and the youth involvement in environmental activities. The environment club nominated her to present her project.

- A presentation of Biology students from Science College of Bahrain University which talked about improvement on current environmental issues and future challenges


Nursing students conducts Health and Environment Community Outreach Program 

Philippines- February 2010

Recognizing the need of the community to preserve the environment and to promote healthy living, the fourth year section-4M nursing students of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) in Las Pińas City organized a community outreach program for the residence of NHA Southville Poblacion, Muntinlupa City on February 27, 2010.

The program was aimed to educate and inform the people on the how to address common health related problems and diseases in their community. The students have also invited two guest speakers to discuss about environmental awareness and eco-friendly livelihood initiatives.

Ms. Rosario “Rose” Dacanay from the 5’s Zero Waste Management of UPHSD shared her ideas and expertise on how to recycle scrap materials into handicrafts like decorative vase, paper flowers, tetra pack bags and wallets. Ms. Rose also demonstrated to the participants’ the ways and techniques of recycling through paper and plastic weaving. Ms. Rose said, “Everything around us has a use and significance, all we need to do is to become creative and resourceful. Waste problem can be reduce if we make recycling as a habit.”

UNEP-TUNZA Youth Advisor for Asia and the Pacific Edgar Geguiento were also invited to share a brief orientation on the importance of waste segregation and water conservation.

Nursing students enjoyed the fun-filled experience of sharing their knowledge and skills to the community.  UPHSD Nursing Professor Ms. Amable Rubio said “The environment is one of the primary determinants of individual and community health. Understanding of the association between the environment and health is very important.”

   Click Here to download the Declaration

 Former TYAC Member Sara Svensson, addresses delegates at the Opening Plenary of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum, 24 February 2010



Click Here to download her speech






 Rehabilitation of Nairobi River, Nairobi, Kenya

 Kevin Odhiambo, a Tunza Youth Advisory Council Member,participated in a Nairobi river rehabilitation activity organized by the Global Peace Foundation.

The activity took place along the  Ngong River in Nairobi.

The Mayor of Nairobi was the main guest. 





 Tree Grower Community (TGC), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University organized “Planting for Future” Program

Global warming and climate change become important issue nowadays, activities related with adaptation and mitigation already implemented in almost every country. One of activities concerning in mitigation is planting program or rehabilitation in critical land.

In other hand, government also become actively supporting planting program with “One Man One Tree” activities and every November 28th in Indonesia celebrate “Planting day” as annually program. According to those illustrations, Tree Grower Community (TGC), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University organized “Planting for Future” program with theme “Green Action for Next Generation”.

This activity held on Sunday, January 31st 2010 in Mega Mendung, Bogor participated by Government, Bogor Agricultural University institution, also Mega Mendung society. Seed already prepare for this activity such as Mahoni, Gmelina, Matoa, and other commercial seed to support economy aspect for the local people.

This activity sponsored and supported by Alumni of Faculty of Forestry, Inhutani IV, Ministry of Forestry, Reklamasi Hutan Lahan Bekas Tambang (RHLBT), Bogor Regency, PT. Buana Dunindo also McDonalds. Follow up from this activity is provided cultivation or good maintenance for the seed because it will be important factor for the successful land and forest rehabilitation.


 Members of AV Peduli Group receive the Indonesian Change-makers Award

   Indonesian Change-makers Award is given by Ashoka Indonesia to inspirational youths age 12 - 25 years who have creative ideas to give the real social contribution. Hundreds youths of Indonesia were participated in this 2009 awards. Through a tight selections process such as interview, panelist session, project presentation, and many more, 20 youths are selected on 20 January 2010.

Members of AV Peduli Indonesia were also chosen as the winners. The first one was Vania Santoso with her project about "Socializing Multi-benefit Projects through Eco-tainment" that has given positive impacts both in economy and of course environment. Her home-waste management project can be sounded well and succeed in reducing 88,600 m3 waste and getting around 889 US$ per month from the recycled products sold and 2 tons of compost.

Through the Biopori System for Water, there are approximately 76 biopori holes have been made to prevent flood and keep the soil ecosystem well. Besides Vania, there was also Mega who won the award through her project "Forestry River". She invites people to plant various trees along the river, such as medicine plants, food plants, as well as productive plants. The main goal is to build a "4E functional river", which are Ecology, Education, Economy, and Eco-tourism.

There are still many other inspiring projects going on! All of us can make a difference as long as we are willing to act now!

 Save and Plant Trees: Do you?


 Learn more about Biodiversity: Glossary

Biodiversity - a synonym of biological diversity, see below. The contracted form 'biodiversity' was apparently coined by W.G. Rosen (1985) for the first planning meeting of the 'National Forum on Biodiversity' held in Washington DC (September 1986), the proceedings of which (E.O. Wilson and F.M. Peter, 1988) brought the notion of biodiversity to the attention of a wide field of scientists and others. Source: Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA).

Learn More>>

 Learn more about Biodiversity: Pachamama Book

Biodiversity means the rich variety of life forms in nature. GEO(The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) project -UNEP) warns us that many of the world’s different plants and animals are under severe threat of extinction. Many species are lost already. 

An ecosystem is a place where nature creates a unique mix of air, water, soil and a variety of living organisms to interact and support each other. Destroy these ecosystems and we are destroying ourselves. Deforestation, overfishing, over-hunting, forest fires, pollution and modern agricultural practices all contribute to the loss of habitat. Cutting roads and railways through habitats blocks natural migration and feeding routes.

 Read More>>


 Something New Under the Sun - What a Chinese high school student does for the environment

Behold! Unknown objects on the balcony of the girl’s dorm! Are these some sort of Bauhaus artworks? Or some aliens queuing up for the sunshine? Not exactly. These are solar cells yearning for the warm sunlight, and they have probably become a part of our life. 

Since lamps are required in our dormitory to ensure that enough light is supplied when we are doing our homework, we consider it a good idea to choose solar-cell-powered ones. Why use the electricity produced by coal combustion if clean energy resources are available just around us?

Every morning, we put these sweet little cells onto the balcony. As the colorful array of solar cells is surrounded by the mild sunshine, we feel as if it is ourselves who have absorbed the energy. 

Read More>>


Tree planting in Kenya's Mau Complex signals new beginnings for a critical ecosystem, Kenya

Nairobi, 15 January 2010 – Kenya took a step to restore its diminishing water towers and address rapid environmental degradation when it launched a tree planting drive in the Kiptunga area of the Mau Forest Complex on Friday.

20,000 tree seedlings were planted on 20 hectares at a ceremony attended by Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Deputy Executive Director, Angela Cropper.

Also attending the event was TUNZA youth Advisory council member Kevin Odhiambo and Miss Kenya, various youth groups from various Universities, Rotaract, Capital FM, AYICC, Kenya Young Greens,Kenya Climate Change Working Group.

Press Release

Symposium on Proper Waste Management, Philippines

 Las Pinas City, 6 January 2010 - The activity was organized by The Parish of the Last Supper of Our Lord in Las Pińas City, Philippines. The symposium was attended and supported by the parishioners, members of the community and youth along with the local government of Las Pińas City. 

Engineer Nelson Deloso discussed the significance of proper waste management and its benefits to biodiversity and in the environment. Engineer Deloso also demonstrated the techniques for low-cost composting using the dry waste that are generate from our houses. He also stressed that proper waste segregation and management should be practice by everyone even into their own households and offices.  After the seminar, participants were able to take hands on experience on the step by step process of proper waste segregation and composting. Also attending the event was Edgar, a Tunza Youth Representative, who also shares the support of the youth for the healthy and clean community.


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