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Painting on the Asphelt, Bahrain

July, 2010

The 'Painting on the Asphelt' was one of the summer activities which was organized at the Kingdom of Bahrain  by group of Bahrain youth called " Ta Eshabab". The event was held on 30th July. It was known as the ' Drawing On The Asphalt' at Arad Fort. Shaikha, a TYAC member participated at this event with her family and friends and in their corner they drew TUNZA letters and a tree and wrote environmental titles. 

The drawing of the word TUNZA was an opportunity to clarify its vision and mission and also to see some painting board at the asphalt representing environment, trees  and biodiversity.  

Environmental Awareness campaigns for youth at public schools in Bahrain

Bahrain - March 2010

Marie Daher, a UNEP Staff organised an awareness  campaign for youth at public schools in Bahrain. The three presentations included competitions and focused on UNEP’s role, biodiversity and Tunza-youth activities. Students  in various levels from the  age group of 9 to 18 years were highly interested in UNEP’s youth activities. 




 'Think globally, Act locally’ symposium

Bahrain - March 2010

‘Think globally, Act locally’ symposium was the motto for a symposium which organized at the University of Bahrain. It was organized between friends of the environment club in collaboration with Japanese embassy on 29 - 3 - 2010.

The event involved:

- Opening remarks by Dr. Khadija Zainal (Director of friends of the environment club) 

- Japanese embassy speech by counselor Mr. Tetsushi Kondo 

- Live video presentation by Japanese students from Meiji University the ever at my University

- Tunza Advisory Council Member Shaikha’s presentation which talked about current environmental issues in Bahrain, the Tunza Programme and the youth involvement in environmental activities. The environment club nominated her to present her project.

- A presentation of Biology students from Science College of Bahrain University which talked about improvement on current environmental issues and future challenges



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