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A Newsletter on Smt.A.Vani Prasad,IAS –The Architect of Plastic Free West Godavari

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World environment day celebrations in Bhimavaram, India

Members of the AECAS along with some senior citizens planted trees and called upon the public to grown more trees and not to use plastic materials in their daily life. The chief guest of the program is Mr. Yerra Narayana Swamy.

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Ozone layer-its preservation – our ozone friendly deeds

A newsletter from India by Vinay Sabbithi 

Steps to save our Ozonelayer:

  • Demand for chloroflouro carbons free items only which contains the symbols CFC free and Ozone Friendly.
  • Try to avoid the usage of refrigerators and A.C’s which are not ozone friendly choose ozone friendly ones.
  • Check your vehicle and certify it from your nearest pollution control board for every 2 months .
  • The equipment in the industries must be ozone friendly ones.
  • Plant trees for ecological balance.


 Earth Day Celebrations at Tarumitra, India

A big meeting in the desert State of Rajasthan reeling under water crisis. Over 1500 students participated in the programme to conserve water.  Twin schools of  St. Anselm’s Bhilwara and Sophia Bhilwara participated in the programme. The students also made a mapping of biodiversity of the desert region. 

 Simultaneously, there was a workshop planned on invitro conservation of Biodiversity at the Tarumitra Bioreserve in Patna. Students from ten schools participated in the workshop conducted by two young scientists, Chiranjeev and Ms Sangeeta. The students were informed on the importance of the Tissue culture process and later got a hands own experience at the Tarumitra Tissue Culture lab. 

     Also, Senior students of Don Bosco Academy came to Tarumitra bioreserve to start a Terrace garden as part of the campaign for Square meter gardening. Ms Margaret, trained in Japan on Organic Farming helped them to plan the 3 Square meter garden on the top. 

The Press covered the events and the message on Biodiversity when the U.N is celebrating 2010 as year of Biodiversity. 



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