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 Tree Grower Community (TGC), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University organized “Planting for Future” Program

Global warming and climate change become important issue nowadays, activities related with adaptation and mitigation already implemented in almost every country. One of activities concerning in mitigation is planting program or rehabilitation in critical land.

In other hand, government also become actively supporting planting program with “One Man One Tree” activities and every November 28th in Indonesia celebrate “Planting day” as annually program. According to those illustrations, Tree Grower Community (TGC), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University organized “Planting for Future” program with theme “Green Action for Next Generation”.

This activity held on Sunday, January 31st 2010 in Mega Mendung, Bogor participated by Government, Bogor Agricultural University institution, also Mega Mendung society. Seed already prepare for this activity such as Mahoni, Gmelina, Matoa, and other commercial seed to support economy aspect for the local people.

This activity sponsored and supported by Alumni of Faculty of Forestry, Inhutani IV, Ministry of Forestry, Reklamasi Hutan Lahan Bekas Tambang (RHLBT), Bogor Regency, PT. Buana Dunindo also McDonalds. Follow up from this activity is provided cultivation or good maintenance for the seed because it will be important factor for the successful land and forest rehabilitation.


 Members of AV Peduli Group receive the Indonesian Change-makers Award

   Indonesian Change-makers Award is given by Ashoka Indonesia to inspirational youths age 12 - 25 years who have creative ideas to give the real social contribution. Hundreds youths of Indonesia were participated in this 2009 awards. Through a tight selections process such as interview, panelist session, project presentation, and many more, 20 youths are selected on 20 January 2010.

Members of AV Peduli Indonesia were also chosen as the winners. The first one was Vania Santoso with her project about "Socializing Multi-benefit Projects through Eco-tainment" that has given positive impacts both in economy and of course environment. Her home-waste management project can be sounded well and succeed in reducing 88,600 m3 waste and getting around 889 US$ per month from the recycled products sold and 2 tons of compost.

Through the Biopori System for Water, there are approximately 76 biopori holes have been made to prevent flood and keep the soil ecosystem well. Besides Vania, there was also Mega who won the award through her project "Forestry River". She invites people to plant various trees along the river, such as medicine plants, food plants, as well as productive plants. The main goal is to build a "4E functional river", which are Ecology, Education, Economy, and Eco-tourism.

There are still many other inspiring projects going on! All of us can make a difference as long as we are willing to act now!



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