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Earth Day Update: Green is Clean Campaign, Kenya

Green is Clean Campaign to celebrate Earth Day.The AYICC Kenya joined the Chiromo Environmental Awareness Club (CEAC) in marking the day.

They cleaned up Nairobi river which passes through the campus grounds, and later had a flash mob dance and interactive session.

It was very inspiring to have the attendance of the Ministry of Environment representative and her son, who is a member of the Teens and Youth Club- Africa. AYICC Kenya will be partnering with TYC africa to mentor the younger youth who have just completed high school.

Earth Day Update: Tree Planting Report For Eco-Club Action Roots&Shoots, Kenya

Members of Eco-Club Action  participated in Tree planting program  coordinated with Kenya Airways and planted 30,000 tree seedlings at Ngong Forest on 24th April 2010.In  preparation to mark World Environment Day 5th June 2010 and World Biodiversity Days.

Participant were from Kenya Army,Kenya Forest Service , Kenya Wildlife Service and the local people who were very supportive.

About 5,000 people from different institution,organization attended.The host were Kenya Airways  and sponsors Cocacola Company,Roll Roys

 Rehabilitation of Nairobi River, Nairobi, Kenya

 Kevin Odhiambo, a Tunza Youth Advisory Council Member,participated in a Nairobi river rehabilitation activity organized by the Global Peace Foundation.

The activity took place along the  Ngong River in Nairobi.

The Mayor of Nairobi was the main guest. 





 Learn more about Biodiversity: Glossary

Biodiversity - a synonym of biological diversity, see below. The contracted form 'biodiversity' was apparently coined by W.G. Rosen (1985) for the first planning meeting of the 'National Forum on Biodiversity' held in Washington DC (September 1986), the proceedings of which (E.O. Wilson and F.M. Peter, 1988) brought the notion of biodiversity to the attention of a wide field of scientists and others. Source: Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA).

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 Learn more about Biodiversity: Pachamama Book

Biodiversity means the rich variety of life forms in nature. GEO(The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) project -UNEP) warns us that many of the world’s different plants and animals are under severe threat of extinction. Many species are lost already. 

An ecosystem is a place where nature creates a unique mix of air, water, soil and a variety of living organisms to interact and support each other. Destroy these ecosystems and we are destroying ourselves. Deforestation, overfishing, over-hunting, forest fires, pollution and modern agricultural practices all contribute to the loss of habitat. Cutting roads and railways through habitats blocks natural migration and feeding routes.

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Tree planting in Kenya's Mau Complex signals new beginnings for a critical ecosystem, Kenya

Nairobi, 15 January 2010 – Kenya took a step to restore its diminishing water towers and address rapid environmental degradation when it launched a tree planting drive in the Kiptunga area of the Mau Forest Complex on Friday.

20,000 tree seedlings were planted on 20 hectares at a ceremony attended by Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Deputy Executive Director, Angela Cropper.

Also attending the event was TUNZA youth Advisory council member Kevin Odhiambo and Miss Kenya, various youth groups from various Universities, Rotaract, Capital FM, AYICC, Kenya Young Greens,Kenya Climate Change Working Group.

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