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Young Islanders from Seychelles disappointed with COP 15

Young Islanders from the Seychelles islands say that they are “profoundly” disappointed with last December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15). They felt that as future leaders of this planet, inheriting the impact of climate change, their future is being decided “for” them instead of “with” them.  All these feelings were expressed during a public speaking competition organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate Earth Day 2010.

Prior to the competition, a workshop was organized for secondary school students and their teachers where they learnt about the reasons for organizing such an important conference in December 2009.  They also learnt about the COP 15, the different negotiations which took place there, and looked at the COP 15 Accord.  The competition provided secondary students with an opportunity to give their opinions on COP 15 whereas the Primary ones topic was ‘Stop!  Read more>>



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