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A Tunza participant receives the Illawarra Youth Achievement Award

Parrys Raines a participant in the Tunza conference in Korea was recognised with the Illawarra Youth Achievement Award.

The Mt Ousley youngster accepted thecitizenship award during a ceremony at Wests Illawarra League Club .Parrys launched her website,, a year ago, after noticing a lack of environmental information aimed at young people. Parrys also started her own production company, Munchkin Productions, when she was 10 years old and now makes educational documentaries for young people. Parrys Raines has been doing projects especially the Plastiki. She has been working with David de Rothschild for almost one.

Over the last year Parrys has been blogging about Plastiki and talking to schools about how plastic is affecting us and our Oceans. She was also invited to design the welcome banner and she also presented the crew with flowers on their arrival. She points out that even though Plastiki has completed her voyage it is important to keep the message going. Parrys through her website has a great network of kids from around the world who she shares information with.

She has also been working on the International Youth Accord on Biodiversity with a group from Canada called The accord will be presented at COP 10 in Japan. Parrys is also working with Cool Australia for the environment week.



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