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The Adopt A Tree project, Hanoi – Vietnam

 Adopt A Tree project is the result of 350Vietnam objectives and the vision of connecting youth and children. 

Basically, Adopt A Tree is an education project. It is the hard¬working of youth to bring to children, mainly at primary and secondary school an easy¬approaching knowledge of Climate Change. And together, youth and children in Vietnam will raise 1000 trees for 1000 year history of Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital. 

The project wants to approach at least 1000 children of around 20 primary schools in Hanoi at the first step. The main project is implementing in August and September and closes by the small¬size children¬youth conference on 10/10/2010 with the aim of making a rock for Campaign 10:10 of 

On 12/5 last week, to kick¬off the project, we held the pilot event at Van Khe primary school, gathered 52 fourth grade children and 48 student at 20¬22 age. 

After educating children about Climate Change issues and sharing with some simple actions they can do to tackle Climate Change crisis such as planting tree, recycling, saving water and electricity… we went into real action: How to plant a tree? 

Put the tree into the hole and make it nicely fit into the hole. “Now you can feel the warm of the earth. It is breathing and growing up our tree” 

And now we are done a GREAT JOB and let’s ROCK.

It was only the start for the whole project carried out in next following months. 

To prepare for the rock of it, in the next World Environment Day, we will hold a one¬week event at Foreign Trade University names “Recycling Week”. We will try to collect 1000 used bottles for planting small¬size trees after labeling them with a green tip 

I would like to send our project story to Tunza with an aim at contributing for Tunza Month celebration. It may not be the greatest story in comparing to other ones, but it is the most meaningful project in Vietnam at the moment since it is the first time youth and children here can hold in hands and make a different. See Full Story and pictures



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