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Cook Stove in Kenya, a local solution to a global problem

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Toxic fumes from open fires or inefficient cook stoves inside homes are responsible for some 1.8 million premature deaths --mostly women and children --each year in developing countries.

Peter Thuo, a 29-year old from Kenya, has known these stoves - and their dangers - since childhood. His mother cooked on one, as did most families in his community. Today, his organization, the Ruiru Youth Community Empowerment Program (RYCEP) has come up with a local solution to the problem in poor communities: the cleaner ceramic cook stove, known as the ‘jiko kisasa’ (literally ‘modern stove’ in Kiswahili). The new stoves burn firewood and can be as much as 60 percent more efficient than traditional three-stone open fires used in the rural areas. As a result, the health risks associated with inhaling fumes from inefficient stoves are reduced - as are emissions of so-called “black carbon”. Read more>>

Earth University “solutions for my planet”

Environmentalist contest - Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica

An environmental contest for ecological primary school children, to find solutions to tackle most emerging environmental issues in their schools and communities

“Solutions for my Planet" is an environmental competition aimed at promoting a culture of environmental awareness among primary school children and also creates spaces where children and teachers working together can find workable solutions to emerging environmental problems in their schools and communities.

About the contest

A Newsletter on Smt.A.Vani Prasad,IAS –The Architect of Plastic Free West Godavari

Download the Newsletter

UNEP office in West Asia launch an environmental puzzle - Bahrain

The Snake and Ladders is the idea and design produced by UNEP/ROWA and supported by Gulf Petrochemical Industry who sponsored the green wave and plant for the planet campaign held in public schools few months ago in Bahrain.

 UNEP regional office of west Asia (ROWA) distributed this game in small samples in schools and they are planning to develop other edutainment ideas for youth with the aim of implementing them in the upcoming project with the ministry of education.

This idea came on the occasion of the IYB and in order to promote their programmes in an edutainment way as well as adopt a paperless strategy. The environmental puzzle was designed by Laila for children to relate to environmental issues and the United Nations Environmental Programme campaigns.
The puzzle will be featured in the eighteenth festival culture day in Bahrain.

Earth University launches “solutions for my planet” - Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica
An environmental contest for ecological primary school children, to find solutions to tackle most emerging environmental issues in their schools and communities

Children and Teacher from Escuela Los Diamantes, writing down solutions to tackle the identified environmental challenges in their surrounding.

“Solutions for my Planet" is an environmental competition aimed at promoting a culture of environmental awareness among primary school children and also creates spaces where children and teachers working together can find workable solutions to emerging environmental problems in their schools and communities.

About the contest

  Joeri Lagrou a TYAC Member  attends the  European Youth Perspective Conference on biodiversity, July 2010

From the 1st until the 6th of July 2010, Joeri Lagrou a TYAC Member  attended the  European Youth Perspective Conference on biodiversity. The conference held in Geel (Belgium), attracted 150 young Europeans from 35 different European countries.  It was a green week. 

The participants ate vegetarian, ecological, fair-trade food, re-used everything, and used eco-friendly soap among other things. During that week they had a lot of presentations from experts (scientists, policymakers, activists), did capacity building and had an action in front of the European Commision in Brussel.  

 The result of YouPEC was the formulation of the Youth Perspective on Biodiversity. In this declaration, the participants urge for action on biodiversity. The participants presented the declaration at the EU Commission building in Brussels, while each of them was holding an image of Europe’s unique species and ecosystems attached to a balloon. 

Read more>>

Download YouPEC 2010 Declaration

The Young Agenda 2010 International Children’s Conference on the Environment Stavanger region,Norway - 2nd to 5th, August, 2010

The conference welcomed 250 children between the ages of 10 and 14, representing more that 14 countries. The theme of this year’s conference was What is energy? How does energy really work? Are there different ways to think of energy- consumption? Is the consumption of energy divided fairly in this world? Children’s own environmental project presentations were an important part of the conference as well as the Activist School – where we learnt how to demonstrate, which is a brand new concept is for Young Agenda.

The famous physicist Albert Einstein one said that we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Youth has done nothing to create today’s environmental problems. Young people tend to see the world as it is, rather than through specific sectoral or other vested interest. Young people have everything to gain from making the world a better place to live for all

Read more>>

A Tunza participant receives the Illawarra Youth Achievement Award

Parrys Raines a participant in the Tunza conference in Korea was recognised with the Illawarra Youth Achievement Award. 

The Mt Ousley youngster accepted thecitizenship award during a ceremony at Wests Illawarra League Club .Parrys launched her website,, a year ago, after noticing a lack of environmental information aimed at young people. Parrys also started her own production company, Munchkin Productions, when she was 10 years old and now makes educational documentaries for young people. Parrys Raines has been doing projects especially the Plastiki. She has been working with David de Rothschild for almost one. 

Over the last year Parrys has been blogging about Plastiki and talking to schools about how plastic is affecting us and our Oceans. She was also invited to design the welcome banner and she also presented the crew with flowers on their arrival. She points out that even though Plastiki has completed her voyage it is important to keep the message going. Parrys through her website has a great network of kids from around the world who she shares information with. 

She has also been working on the International Youth Accord on Biodiversity with a group from Canada called The accord will be presented at COP 10 in Japan. Parrys is also working with Cool Australia for the environment week. 


Painting on the Asphelt, Bahrain

July, 2010

The 'Painting on the Asphelt' was one of the summer activities which was organized at the Kingdom of Bahrain  by group of Bahrain youth called " Ta Eshabab". The event was held on 30th July. It was known as the ' Drawing On The Asphalt' at Arad Fort. Shaikha, a TYAC member participated at this event with her family and friends and in their corner they drew TUNZA letters and a tree and wrote environmental titles. 

The drawing of the word TUNZA was an opportunity to clarify its vision and mission and also to see some painting board at the asphalt representing environment, trees  and biodiversity.  


 World Environment day Update - The Miss Earth South Africa Clean Up, South Africa

 The Miss Earth South Africa Clean Up Johannesburg's Melville Koppies. 

With over 60 volunteers from Timberland, Miss Earth South Africa and the local community did weeding of the vegetation and cleaning of the Spruit. This was part of the week of Miss Earth Activities for World Environment Day. 


 South African shines at United Nations Conference



The Children and Youth International Conference - Brazil

 The Children and Youth International Conference "Let's Take Care of the Planet" conducted by Brazilian Ministry of Education took place in the Training Centre of the National Confederation of Industrial Workers (CNTI), Luiziania, 45 minutres drive from Brazilia, the capital city of Brazil between June 5-10 June 2010.

 The conference brought together about 600 children and youth participants discussing about global socio-environmental problems with a special focus on climate change.

The principal objectives of the conference was to enable children and youth from the whole world to take on global commitments locally, assuming responsibilities for the construction of sustainable societies and promoting a network of planetary protection.

They collectively constructed the final product of the conference – the Charter of Responsibilities “Let's Take Care of the Planet” through a combination of fun activities, practical workshops and inter-cultural and intergenerational discussions. The Charter outlined the collective responsibilities and actions to be assumed and implemented globally.


The Charter of Responsibilities “Let's Take Care of the Planet”

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 The International Energy Globe Award - Austria


 The International Energy Globe Awards - the  World Awards for Sustainability  was awarded by Energy Globe initiated by Mr. Wolfgang Neumann from Austria since 1999 to recognise projects that make careful and economical use of resources and employ alternative energy sources. The winners are selected through a panel of International Juries.

More than 800 environmental projects from 105 nations were been submitted this year for the Energy Globe Award. The Energy Globe Ceremony happened during the opening of the UN World Environment Day (WED) in Kigali, Rwanda and it was broadcasted live in Rwanda TV and other channels worldwide on 3 June 2010.

The project  on the right, Water Wheel of Power Generator, received the Energy Globe - National Winner Award.

 Adeline after receiving the award with the UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner.


World Environment day Update - Youth Environment Network (YEN) Zambia

 During the 2009 commemoration of World Environment Day activities, Youth Environment Network (YEN) - Zambia partnered with the Copperbelt University, School of Natural Resources to conduct a tree planting activity at the CBU Campus after securing 100 plants from the Forestry Research in Kitwe and also with the support of the Lecturers from the school of natural Resources we managed to hold an Interactive climate change workshop which was well attended by the students from various fields of study. 

Apart from these we also participated in the march past and read out one of the key note speeches for world environment Day 2009.

In conducting all these activities we involved the ZNBC Kitwe studios and other media groups such as the post newspaper, the Zambia daily Mail and the local radio stations in raising the much needed awareness about the importance of world environment day and other conservational matters affecting our country.  

With the last year’s participation in world environment day activities and setting up our Copperbelt office in Kitwe, our organization has built a strong network in the province which even saw us setting up an environmental club in Chililabombwe, October 2009. 

See Full Story and pictures

WED Activities in AYUBIA National Park, Pakistan

 On 5th June 2010 a group of 53 students and 05 teachers from Beaconhouse Satellite Town Girls branch went to AYUBIA National Park to take part on the environmental activities arranged by Wild Life Department of NWFP and WWF Pakistan. Mr. Wasim from WWF Pakistan welcomed the students from Beaconhouse. He conducted an interactive session focusing the history, importance, species, and issues of the Park. Later on the students took part garbage collection activity on the pipeline track. 

The students in their reflection session highlighted the following issue.

• Entry of casual tourists who are main source of solid waste in the park.

• Running business activities within the park areas.

Students observed two persons selling junk food. On a question from the vendors confirmed that Wild Life Department charges Rs. 25,000 fee for this business, which seems a great violation of National Park rules itself by Wildlife Department.

A plea to contribute to the IEG process

The civil society has invited young people to provide formal input to the International Environmental Governance process, as by Decision SSXI/1 from the UNEP Governing Council in Bali.

In order to make it easier for Children & Youth to understand the IEG process and give meaningful contributions, Sara Svensson from the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee prepared the attached document with an introduction to the process and a description for how to contribute. She will be coordinating inputs from children and youth globally. 

Download Painting Options for Improving IEG (Word Doc) (PDF)


Young Islanders from Seychelles disappointed with COP 15

Young Islanders from the Seychelles islands say that they are “profoundly” disappointed with last December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15). They felt that as future leaders of this planet, inheriting the impact of climate change, their future is being decided “for” them instead of “with” them.  All these feelings were expressed during a public speaking competition organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate Earth Day 2010.

Prior to the competition, a workshop was organized for secondary school students and their teachers where they learnt about the reasons for organizing such an important conference in December 2009.  They also learnt about the COP 15, the different negotiations which took place there, and looked at the COP 15 Accord.  The competition provided secondary students with an opportunity to give their opinions on COP 15 whereas the Primary ones topic was ‘Stop!  Read more>>


The Adopt A Tree project, Hanoi – Vietnam

 Adopt A Tree project is the result of 350Vietnam objectives and the vision of connecting youth and children. 

Basically, Adopt A Tree is an education project. It is the hard¬working of youth to bring to children, mainly at primary and secondary school an easy¬approaching knowledge of Climate Change. And together, youth and children in Vietnam will raise 1000 trees for 1000 year history of Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital. 

The project wants to approach at least 1000 children of around 20 primary schools in Hanoi at the first step. The main project is implementing in August and September and closes by the small¬size children¬youth conference on 10/10/2010 with the aim of making a rock for Campaign 10:10 of 

On 12/5 last week, to kick¬off the project, we held the pilot event at Van Khe primary school, gathered 52 fourth grade children and 48 student at 20¬22 age. 

After educating children about Climate Change issues and sharing with some simple actions they can do to tackle Climate Change crisis such as planting tree, recycling, saving water and electricity… we went into real action: How to plant a tree? 

Put the tree into the hole and make it nicely fit into the hole. “Now you can feel the warm of the earth. It is breathing and growing up our tree” 

And now we are done a GREAT JOB and let’s ROCK.

It was only the start for the whole project carried out in next following months. 

To prepare for the rock of it, in the next World Environment Day, we will hold a one¬week event at Foreign Trade University names “Recycling Week”. We will try to collect 1000 used bottles for planting small¬size trees after labeling them with a green tip 

I would like to send our project story to Tunza with an aim at contributing for Tunza Month celebration. It may not be the greatest story in comparing to other ones, but it is the most meaningful project in Vietnam at the moment since it is the first time youth and children here can hold in hands and make a different. See Full Story and pictures


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