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Climate Week  Activities

Seal the Deal!  Bahrain Activities

Bahrain, October 22, 2009

Shaikha, a Tunza Youth Advisor and Jordan Environmental Society organized a Seal the Deal! campaign activities that collected 828 signatures.
Shaikha called on friends to switch off the light for one hour in the evening  and invited alot of people to  Seal the Deal!  and support Climate Action.















Life is Green Intiative 

Kotu, Gambia, October 22, 2009

A Tree planting exercise dubbed : life is green Initiatives was held at Kotu secondary school on the 22nd October 209. It is in support of the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign and our national call for school to plant and take care of trees. With the support of the department of forestry, Global Unification - the Gambia's ( GU) volunteers raise over 500 seedlings that were donated to Kotu secondary. Of these number, 80 were planted. 

I will be sending pictures of the remaining two activities ie, the symposium on youth and children enagagement on climate change solution and climate change rally / procession held on the 23 and 24 October respectively.



‘Seal the Deal!’ Climate Change Campaign 

Iloilo City, Philippines, October 20, 2009

The West Visayas State University College of Mass Communications supported the ‘Seal the Deal’ worldwide campaign on climate change.
‘Seal the Deal’, which aims to promote environmental awareness and education on climate change among the students and community of the school, was ‘localized’ by the WVSU CMC by conducting a school-wide signature campaign among more than two hundred students during the College’s Search for Mr. Mass Communications and Research Congress.
Prof. Ricky Abaleña III, dean of the CMC, stresses that environmental education is one of the College’s concerns and a means of developing social responsibility in every student, not only of the CMC, but also of the whole University.
Juan Paolo Dimaguila, third year Bachelor in Broadcasting student  of the CMC, and the newly crowned Mr. Mass Communications, played the part of a student ambassador when he led the students in signing the ‘Seal the Deal’ petition cloth. Dimaguila believes that even in an act as simple as “signing your name will make a difference.”  
The ‘Seal the Deal’ campaign was also in cooperation with the WVSU CMC Student Council and the Environmental Conservation (ECo) Guild, WVSU’s environmental student organization, co-founded by the CMC and UNEP-TUNZA Asia and the Pacific Region.

National day for Climate Movement

Muharraq – Bahrain, October 20, 2009

Shaikha Alalaiwi  organized  the biggest and happiest festival together with Huwar association  about 350 .org on 24 October 2009. 24 October 2009 is the National day for climate movement in her village at the  Cornish diving , Muharraq – Bahrain. The event was sponsored by the member of Municipal Council in corporation with the president of the media and relationship section in the Municipal board. They declared that they will wear green, and the will have a turn to ride a bicycle to teach people that we should have carbon limits and we must restrict it not to exceed 350.
They made big environment competitions for children and also distributed green balloons for them. Shaikha let the  president of Huwar Association stamp and sign the Seal the Deal! cloth.
Everybody told her that it was great idea and nobody before her had done the same thing. Shaikha got the idea when she travelled to another country and saw alot of bicycles. She took the idea for the festival to teach people that they can be healthy without carbon.
Bicycle (sport) + (no carbon ) = healthy. 

Stand United, Fight Poverty Fun Run

Philippines, October 18, 2009

UNEP Philippines organized a successful Seal the Deal! Campaign with the help of other members. It was conducted along with the fun run activity dubbed as "Stand United, Fight Poverty Fun Run", organized by the Filipino Association for Mariners' Employment Inc. (FAME), Women in Maritime Philippines along with United Nations. The activity was held at the IMAX Parking Area in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City on October 18, 2009. More than 2,000 runners from the different organizations, institutions, NGO's and schools joined the activity. Stand United, Fight Poverty Fun Run, aims to raise awareness and to send a loud message from citizens to leaders of rich and poor countries to take urgent action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs are eight time-bound goals aimed at significantly reducing, if not completely eradicating, extreme poverty by 2015.
They took the opportunity of the event to raise awareness and education among the people and youth about the significance of addressing the issue of climate change in our country and in the whole world in general. " If we don't care for the environment along with the pressing issues on climate change today the next generation of youth will suffer the consequences and problems. We must act now! One way to solve the problem in poverty is to care and protect our environment and natural resources," said Edgar Geguiento TUNZA Youth Advisor for Asia and the Pacific Region.   
The youth and the Filipino people along with some international participants pledge their support against climate change through signing in for Seal the Deal. Ms. Anne Orquiza and Ms. Estrella Piechulek of UNEP Philippines lead the Seal the Deal signature campaign together with Arbie Beltran, Ryan Sornito, Paul and Edgar.


  “Youth for Youth” peer education - Time for Action!

Mongolia, September 19– 25, 2009

According to this celebration week ‘Youth for Nature’ club organized the most efficient activity, the “Youth for Youth” peer education to give information and education for the youth. 20 members of the “Youth for Nature” club participated as a peer educator and the peer education covered 500 students and pupils from about 10 secondary school and universities.

In the presentation they introduced about the 350, Mongolian President's presentation on Cimate Change, their club activities and Sealed the Deal. They went to more than 10 secondary schools and universities to teach 500 youths about climate change.


Global Climate Week Celebration!

Kathmandu, Nepal, September 19– 25, 2009

Just before Dasain, the biggest festival of Nepal started Nepalese Youth and Children got together to celebrate the Global Climate Week.
Various activities were held and many new faces joined us in our effort.
The Banner display put up in Schools Aanchal Malla, 13 year old child delegate who represented Nepal in the Children Conference on Climate Change in Daejeon, South Korea this year was actively involved in sharing her experiences with other children while initiating programmes at her own school and others. She also helped promote the Global Climate Week Sept 19-25 by distributing flyers and raising awareness together with other members of the group.
Miss Aanchal Malla (Tunza conference participant) Various activities were held and many new faces joined us in our effort.
We organized art competition in schools with the theme of “Climate Change and our role” where children showed tremendous talent and creativity. On the same day we also announced the 19International Children’s Painting Competition with the theme “Biodiversity: connecting with Nature”. This will be the first opportunity for Nepal to participate in such a global competition. I shall be sending entries to UNEP, Bangkok once they are done.
The billion tree campaign was also highlighted as major part of the week wherein we planted trees and took the pledge to take care of them. Free t-shirts from this organization in Germany were distributed to members.
Tree plantation on 21 st Sept Tunza day (youth and children together of all age group participated)
Then there was debate and essay competition held. Different age groups of students were targeted each day: we organized green dressing day at schools where children enthusiastically wore green to celebrate. They all looked just fabulous. We also discussed things one can do every day to reduce energy consumption at home and school. Tree saplings were distributed among all students to take home and nurture one under their own guidance. Various interactive gifts were distributed to brilliant children.
Primary school children High School students and winner of the art competition Along with the Global Climate Week, we all also celebrated the International Day of Peace on 21September. Prayer services and peace march was held along a neighborhood to mark this day. All expenses for these events were covered by founding members of committee on a voluntary basis.
Children wrote individual commitments and promised to use cloth bags, use CFL bulbs, walk as much as possible etc and spread this message across to their family members and neighbors. They were totally thrilled about the idea and more tips were given.
Various Competition Winners: They all won in different categories like art, essay and debates

Shraddha Shah Education and Environment programmes Co-ordinator Ph: 009-77-98510-71395 Email:

 Global Climate Week Miss Earth Style!

Johannesburg, South Africa, September 16 – 23, 2009

As UNEP and the Seal the Deal! Campaign called upon Youth, from around the world, to participate in GLOBAL CLIMATE WEEK Miss Earth SA felt it pertinent that Africa and specifically South Africa be involved in every way possible. As an organization, they believe in the creation of young environmental role models that not only talk the green dream but live the green dream. Through their educational programmes, workshops and volunteer work with beautiful young women, children and community members they have brought about sustainable and significant difference in people’s day to day lives.
Feeling that seven days of activism was not sufficient for all the areas targeted they extended GLOBAL CLIMATE WEEK to 10 days coining it ‘OUR GREEN LEGACY’. 
OUR GREEN LEGACY coincided with “Global Tree Planting Day” by the Planting of 100 trees at a school outside the city of Johannesburg called Elethu Themba Combined. It was here that the local municipality got involved and where the introduction to the Youth Statement was shared.

This tree planting was in support of the UN Billion Tree Campaign.  The second day saw 115 more indigenous trees being planted at Christel House in Athlone in Cape Town. Extensive educational programmes were done at both schools to ensure a system of sustainability is created and maintained.
Next the Miss Earth South Africa Team were involved in a Coastal Clean Up where along with 100 volunteers from all walks of society, they were involved in the clean up of Lagoon Beach in Cape Town. “Seal the Deal –Go Green Day” saw the Miss Earth South Africa Team plant 50 vegetable gardens at an orphanage in a township in Cape Town. Baphumelele Children’s Home was the beneficiary of this wonderful green act. Trees4schools and the Miss Earth planted the day away encouraging these children to provide healthy organic food for them selves. As this day was to dress and do something green we decided to dress Baphumelele’s sandy back yard in green - green vegetables.
The following “Carbon Neutral Day” became three days were the Miss Earth South Africa Team spent interacting with penguins in Table View and Simons Town Cape Town. First the team was involved in the rehabilitation of several African Penguins and other coastal birds at SANCCOB (The South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). For transport, they drove a Toyota Hybrid Prius to and from their destinations thus aiding the control of their Carbon Footprint. The day was made up of feeding penguins, washing oiled birds, scrubbing pens, mats, pools and bird hospitals in preparation for the African Penguin Release day to Seal Our Green Legacy of the South African Youth.  
24 African Penguins were finally released at the end of the week at the SANCCOB Penguin Festival held at Boulders Beach Simons Town. Fundraising was done in aid of more rehabilitation for these vulnerable birds that are an indicator of the condition of our oceans. The Miss Earth South Africa Team along with volunteers and community members from around Cape Town witness this auspicious take off. These birds sealed their commitment to greening and ten day focus on Climate Change: their lives depend on humans focusing on climate change as it is their future too!

 Kenya Red Cross Climate Walk and Tree Planting, Kenya

Nakuru, Kenya, September 16 – 23, 2009

Following the Climate Week program, the the Kenya Red Cross Organization in Nakuru organised a tree planting  event and a climate walk to raise climate change awareness.

They involved school children in tree planting and also organised a walk to promote awareness on the environment.

The event was very successful and motivated young people to participate in environmental issues and activities.





Little Angels of the Environment, Cameroon

Yaounde, Cameroon, September 16 – 23, 2009

Following the Climate Week program, the Cameroonian children chose 16 September, which was the International ozone protection day to present their statements to the Minister of Environment and

The Little Angels organization later presented the children and youth statements to the minister of environment and to the UNDP representative in Cameroon.

It was equally the occasion where the Ministry received, recognized and handed over Officially the Certification of Participation to the TUNZA 2009, Conference, to the Cameroonian Delegates; these certificates were handed over to children and youth by the Minister Dr NANA Aboubakar and the UNDP Regional Representative for Cameroon, Madam Dede Ekoue. 

The children were finally entertained by a comedian “gegagay international” who through comedy, passed on the information denouncing negative practices and encouraging environmentally friendly habits on climate related issues.

 UM Law School in the Philippines to Support Seal the Deal! Campaign

Davao City, Philippines, September 24, 2009

University of Mindanao Law Students supports the Seal the Deal! Campaign of the United Nations. The Seal the Deal! Campaign

was held during the Global Climate Week where activities around the globe were happening simultaneously.

During the Global Climate Week, activities around the Philippines were conducted, especially in Manila and Davao where

active young environmentalist are working hard to facilitate the success of the Global Climate Week.

"I believe in the Seal the Deal! campaign of UN to be successful if there many people will support the same in order to pressure the leaders of this world to seriously combat the emerging threat of the 21st century," said Gian Carlo Gonzaga, a second year law student of the University of Mindanao.

"It is about time to work seriously on resolving climate change as the Philippines is one of the countries that is more vulnerable to the effects of the same," he added.

In the next couple of weeks, youth leaders in the Philippines, especially the head campaigner, Jessie James Marcellones, will continue to promote the Seal the Deal! Campaign of UN in order to reach more support from the people.

 Climate Change Game Launched in Zimbabwe

A Youth group from the Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe managed to set aside 2 weeks for planting and caring of trees. They decided to call these weeks the TUNZA WEEKS. During the 1st Tunza week They managed to do the following things:

- promote a better understanding of trees, in particular indigenous trees.

- highlight the importance of trees for a sustainable future and the role trees play in the livelihoods of people and their environment

- raise awareness amongst community members about greening initiatives.

- encourage the planting of trees and greening activities within communities.

The group also managed to launch their Climate Change Game in the Capital City of Zimbabwe after the Tunza International Children & Youth Conference and the results were amazing. They are receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Celebrating Green-day by youth and children  Through Art in Nepal

Nepal, September  22, 2009

On the celebration of global climate  change week, the Heartbeat group and Kalaalayaa art school  together  organized  green art activities with street children and youth from  diverse sectors  by doing  paintings on  canvas ,installation art, performance art  as well as public art.
“The primary idea was to get these youth and children together so they can learn about each other and also discuss the go-green day and share their feelings as green” said the organizer.
 Using green colors, paper, canvas and public paintings on go-green art activities, gave them a chance to voice their concerns on climate change.  The exhibition also included art by youth and children from various sectors like animations and fashion shows to raise awareness among the public through their creative expression.
“Art is a common language all over world for youth, children from different backgrounds as those who will participate in the event. It is also a wonderful and fun tool to give interconnected with social justice to freely express themselves” says Juju Kaji the founder of Heartbeat in climate change and global debate.
Heartbeat is working in partnership with different local organizations for this social event and happenings in  national and  international level
Heartbeat partnership is a group of local young artists, divers and other youth who have been very active in the field of Art for Development (Art4D) for the past 5 years.
They initiate and run many art workshops and art-related activities with disadvantaged children to support social causes for youth and children.

Russian Youth Support the UN Seal the Deal! Campaign by Planting Trees

Russia, September  19, 2009.

Tunza participants in Russia made Climate Week brochures in Russian to distribute to their school. They also organized themselves to visit the Seal the Deal! Website and sign the climate pledges and petition.

They planted 10 trees on Saturday as a part of Global Tree planting drive and wrote on the  Seal the Deal! Website.







Japanese Youth Meet to Support the Seal the Deal! Campaign

Osaka, Japan, September  23, 2009

Eco-League of Japan held its Youth Ecology Gathering 2009. Active Japanese Youth took part in the event, sharing their achievements and activities.

During the gathering, there were also international youth who were invited to join, including active youth from Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The participants focused on two main topics, which were Climate Change and Biodiversity.

There were a lot of Japanese speakers who shared the impacts of Climate Change, a lot of lectures from Japan and international youth as well.

Also part of the meeting was a brief introduction of the UN-wide Seal the Deal Campaign, which was introduced by Jessie James L. Marcellones, where youth supports the call of the United Nations  remind world leaders to negotiate a fair, balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable, prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people.

At UN Summit: Youth Support Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Call to Seal the Deal! in Copenhagen

New York, 23 September 2009

Yugratna Srivastava, thirteen-year-old Junior-Board representative from India for the Asia-Pacific branch of the UN Environmental Programme youth initiative Tunza, addressed the opening plenary session on behalf of youth. She said, "We need to call for an action now. Please listen to our voices. The future needs strong vision and leadership!"

She added, "One month ago, we had a TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference in Korea. The 800 participants and several thousands online developed a statement requesting you as leaders to agree on a more fair, just and action oriented post-Kyoto agreement adopted and implemented by all countries."

>> Yugratna Speech at the UN Summit

>> Yugratna Photos at the UN Summit


Filipino Youth supports the 24th International Coastal Cleanup Drive in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines September 19, 2009

Thousands of Filipino volunteers gathered along the Coastal Road in Barangay San Dionisio, Parañaque City to join the 24th International Coastal Clean-Up Day.

Committed to the preservation of the environment, the youth, non-government organizations (NGOs) and the local government units (LGUs), with the participation of civil society, academe, civic organizations, and other sectors of society, have always been part of the annual international coastal clean-up drive organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).The clean-up activity addresses marine debris that emanates from household, commercial and industrial sources.

The International Coastal Cleanup, organized by The Ocean Conservancy, is the world’s largest volunteer event of its kind. To date, more than 378,000 volunteers from 76 countries and 45 states cleared six million pounds of trash from oceans and waterways and recorded every piece of trash collected.

More than a hundred students of the College of Maritime Education of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, along with the “Seal the Deal” volunteer group, supported the coastal clean-up. The Seal the Deal volunteer group took the opportunity to conduct the signature campaign for the COP15 Climate Change Conference 2009.

More than 300 students, NGOs and LGUs supported the campaign together with Miss Earth Philippines Foundation and the DENR.  The campaign is also in support to the Global Climate Week celebration which started on September 19.

“Series of environmental activities will take place on Sept. 22-25 in connection to the Global Climate Week Celebration, and in the coming days, we are planning to conduct a national campaign for the “Seal the Deal” which will be organized by the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE) Club”, said Edgar Geguiento, TUNZA Youth Advisor Member for Asia and the Pacific Region.