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  DAY 3 - 19, AUGUST, 2009     
Sustainability, trees and barefoot mountain climbing 

 A b-boy performance during a school visit

Day 3 kicked off with a keynote presentation by environmentalist David de Rothschild, of Adventure Ecology, who will sail across the Pacific in a boat made of reclaimed plastic bottles in order to raise awareness on waste and consumption. David later hosted a workshop on ‘How To Become an Environmental Journalist’, as part of which the participants explored the Daejeon Convention Center as investigative reporters looking with a critical eye at the recycling facilities, the energy use and other features of the Center. 

Other workshops included sessions on Korean traditional culture, International Environmental Governance, sustainable lifestyles and ‘Stop Talking, Start Planting’, among several others. 

The participants later went off on a series of field trips, the most notable being the barefoot mountain climbing session – a new and unusual experience for most of the kids. Other participants visited local schools and went to the National Science Museum, the Expo Park and other Daejeon highlights. 

The day closed with the Mini-Olympics, where the participants were treated to a demonstration of taekwondo – one of the most popular sports in Korea.

The conference will culminate on 20 August, when the 800 assembled children and youth will deliver their message to World Leaders on climate change. 


The activities will include workshops, exhibitions, townhall debate and the advisory council elections. 



Day 3 - Photo Gallery

Jes Ebrahim Izaidin,The Tree Theatre Group, Malaysia
Eleanor Sutcliffe,Save our Seas (SOS), Wales Cassandra Lin, Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) Turn Grease into Fuel- First Video by Cassandra Lin on 2009 Tunza International Children & Youth Conference, Daejeon, Korea Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) Turn Grease into Fuel- Second Video by Cassandra Lin on 2009 Tunza International Children & Youth Conference, Daejeon, Korea
 Statistic of the Day    Tunza Factsheet
  “Sea-level rise and unsustainable human development are contributing to the loss of coastal wetlands and mangroves and increased damage from coastal flooding. Millions of people are projected to be flooded annually by 2080 due to sea–level rise.
UNEP, Conflicts and Disasters.”

Disasters and conflicts
-Since 2000, the world has witnessed over 35 major conflicts and some 2,500 disasters.
-UNEP has responded to crisis situations in more than 25 countries in the last decade.
- Since 1990, at least eighteen violent conflicts have been fuelled by the exploitation of natural resources.


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