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Less talk more action on climate change, urge young people

 Some of the young people who drafted the youth statement

Today was a big day at the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference! It started with the launch of the Unite for Climate social network platform at 8.30 am, which was followed by an award ceremony for the talented winners of the International Children’s Painting Competition.

But the highlight of the day was a powerful youth statement to world leaders on climate change. After hours of fine tuning, the 700 or so young delegates attending the conference called on world leaders to take radical measures against climate change.

“We feel that radical and holistic measures are needed urgently from us all. We now need more action and less talking. Climate Change is affecting us all, and we need to find efficient ways to cope with it, adapt to it and take action to stop it,” they stressed.

In the statement, the young people who represent three billion of the world's population added: “Climate change has serious consequences not only for ecosystems, but also for human health, job security and social development. Together we CAN make a difference.”

All the world’s leaders will over the coming days receive a personal letter from representatives of the globe's youth urging them to Seal a meaningful Deal on climate change in just over 100 days time. 

Greetings Videos for the Global Townhall from all over the world



The activities will include workshops, exhibitions, townhall debate and the advisory council elections. 

Day 3 - Photo Gallery

Jes Ebrahim Izaidin,The Tree Theatre Group, Malaysia
Eleanor Sutcliffe,Save our Seas (SOS), Wales Cassandra Lin, Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) Turn Grease into Fuel- First Video by Cassandra Lin on 2009 Tunza International Children & Youth Conference, Daejeon, Korea Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) Turn Grease into Fuel- Second Video by Cassandra Lin on 2009 Tunza International Children & Youth Conference, Daejeon, Korea
 Statistic of the Day    Tunza Factsheet

  “You can recycle 50 to over 80 per cent of the contents of your bin. Every ton of recycled glass is saving 1 ton of resources. Recycling just 1 bottle saves enough energy to power a television set for up to 1 hour and a half.
(Source: UNEP Youth Xchange initiative).”


Sustainable Lifestyles
A child born in the industrial world consumes and pollutes more over his or her lifetime than do 40 children born in developing countries. (Source: United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Report).


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