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  DAY 6 - 22, AUGUST, 2009      FEATURES
Looking to the Future

 Participants spotting the Seal the Deal! bracelets

 During the second day of the UNEP International Youth Conference, youth participants held their regional meetings and finalized their regional action plans. Each region made their 2-year regional action plans, which were all presented in the plenary session where all youth participants from around the world were given the chance to know the list of different region's action plans.

After the respective regions had their closing ceremony on the regional meetings, they were all gathered for a plenary session for a session dubbed as "Youth and Green Jobs." 

During the session, some youth participants presented their projects they implemented with their respective countries, and they are the following, to wit:

- Svetlana Unru from Tajikistan, SPARE Project

- Quazi Rezoane from Bangladesh, Climate Campaign

- Woo Ri Kim and Hyo Won Lim from South Korea, Eco Network

- Margaret Koli from Kenya, Wildlife Conservation

- Amrane Walid from Algeria, Environmental Banking

- Yaiguili Alvarado from Panama, Environmental Leadership

- Paez Humberto from Costa Rica, Cleaning and Recycling Projects

- Anne Walraven from the Netherlands, Solar Generation

- Alex Nichole from USA, Green Economy Plan

During the day as well, youth participants participated in various workshops, which includes the following: Wood: Best Gift from Nature, Creative Climate ACtion: and the International Youth Climate Movement,  Corporate Social Responsibility, Biodiversity.

And the day ended with the presentation of the Tunza youth advisory council candidates who have the willingness and dedication to be the voice of the youth around the world.


The activities will include workshops, exhibitions, townhall debate and the advisory council elections. 

Day 6 - Photo Gallery

UNEP Tunza International Children and Youth Conference, Daejeon, Global Townhall Meeting


Felix Finkbeiner, Stop Talking,Start Planting

Seal the Deal Rap
Felix Finkbeiner, Plant for Planet

Hurting our Planet

Jee Hye Kim,Tunza News,Seal the Deal

Nadim Maher,Tunza News,Seal the Deal
Yaiguili Alvarado Garcia,Tunza Youth Advisory Council,Seal the Deal

 Statistic of the Day    Tunza Factsheet

  “Today, 450 million people in 29 countries suffer from water shortages. (Source: UNEP An Overview of the State of the World’s Fresh and Marine Waters - 2nd Edition - 2008)


Water and climate changes
Two out of every three people will live in water-stressed areas by the year 2025. In Africa alone, it is estimated that 25 countries will be experiencing water stress (below 1,700 m3 per capita per year) by 2025. (Source: UNEP An Overview of the State of the World’s Fresh and Marine Waters - 2nd Edition - 2008).


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