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TUNZA MONTH - May 5 - June 5, 2010

Tunza month began on 5 May, 2010 and it was a month for children and youth to come together and act on issues affecting Biodiversity.




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There are more young people than ever before; more than 1 billion aged 15 to 24, while young people under 15 years old represent currently around 27 per cent of the world's population.


Felix Finkbeiner, Plant for Planet


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Kevin is a TYAC Member and has been involved in Tunza activites in Kenya.

Lets talk, engage Kevin in your views, actions and even queries related to Tunza activities. Please tell us you thoughts on Tunza and what you have done in your area.


What are your thoughts and Actions on Tunza month...

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kevin      8/11/2010 1:02:36 PM
Thanks Thanks Mike. Hope we will stand up to protect biodiversity for our future survival Submitted By: kevin

Mike      7/26/2010 5:22:17 AM
Biodiversity- Preparing for COP10 I would like to invite anyone who would like to support an International Accord on Biodiversity to check out It was written by youth from Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Sign on- so far we have over 4000 signatures from 60 countries. Submitted By: Mike

Kevin      7/14/2010 9:46:50 AM
Events Dear Anthony, For upcoming Tunza events, please have a look at the website regularly. The next Tunza event will be during the world youth day in August so please check for updates. Thanks Submitted By: Kevin

anthony      7/11/2010 5:08:02 PM
hi kev please do inform me of the events soon to come our ,group would so very like to offer a helping hand. Submitted By: anthony

anthony      7/11/2010 5:06:12 PM
hi kev please do inform me of the events soon to come our ,group would so very like to offer a helping hand. Submitted By: anthony

KEVIN      7/7/2010 11:14:25 AM
Somalia Dear Hosh, To join Tunza, you can either send an email to or go to register button on the tunza webpage. Get the word around Somalia youth groups you will definitely get involved. Submitted By: KEVIN

kevin      7/7/2010 11:12:11 AM
Tunza Hi Natalia, Nice to hear from you. The winners for competition shall be announced in August. Submitted By: kevin

Hussein Hosh      7/6/2010 5:29:39 PM
How somaian youth join Tunza Youth Hi kevin i would like to give me information about how somalian youth be part unep youth tunza Thanks Submitted By: Hussein Hosh

Natalia      7/4/2010 12:50:05 PM
Announce winner Hi, I'm Natalia from Indonesia. 3 months ago, my nephew sent his drawing for UNEP drawing competition and now he would like to know about the winner. How could I know the winners ? Submitted By: Natalia

Kevin      6/30/2010 11:39:57 AM
To Join Tunza Dear Fides, To join Tunza, please send an email to detailing your reasons for joining. Its also important to be a member of a group or youth organization, so that when you are joining, also give details of your group. Submitted By: Kevin