means "treat with care or affection" in Swahili


It is an initiative that is meant to develop activities in the areas of capacity building, environmental awareness, and information exchange, with a vision to foster a generation of environmentally conscious citizens, capable of positive action. Important by-products of this strategy include the annual Tunza International Youth Conference, Tunza Advisory Council and a quarterly Tunza magazine.

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When I was five years old, I discovered that something is seriously wrong with the way people treat our planet.
UNEP-ILO side event at Rio+20: Green jobs: A chance for youth!
In her blog she writes of her inspiration and experience advocating for practical solutions to environmental issues – with governments and at a grassroots level.
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Jointly with UNEP, the ILO organized the side event “Green jobs: A chance for youth!” to highlight and expand partnerships for the promotion of green jobs opportunities for youth.
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