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Title :Ministerial Dialogue on Illegal Trade in Wildlife
Location:Nairobi UNON Conference Room 2 3 4
Start Date:Thursday 26 June 2014 19:00
End Date:Thursday 26 June 2014 22:00
Description:The purpose of the Ministerial Dialogue is to provide a high level forum, building on previous and on going initiatives, to exchange views and experiences among Ministers on the challenges of - and progress towards addressing - the illegal trade in wildlife. In addition, the session will demonstrate the role of UNEA in convening such a dialogue on an emerging threat to the global environment. It will be the largest Ministerial gathering to consider illegal wildlife trade convened in the current poaching crisis.
The scope of the dialogue will move beyond the current attention provided to the poaching crisis facing African elephants and rhinos, addressing a wider range of threats from illegal harvesting and trafficking including timber, fish, tigers, pangolins, great apes, and a broad range of birds, reptiles, and other plants.

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