The Fifteenth Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum

20 June 2014, By Jose de Mesa

In conjunction with the upcoming United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA) to be held from 23-27 June 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, UNEP is organizing the fifteenth Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum (GMGSF-15) to be held from 21-22 June 2014.

UNEP recognizes the importance of engaging Majors Groups and other Stakeholders as partners and appreciates the perspectives they bring to the table, valuable research and advocacy functions they perform and their role in helping foster long-term, broad-based support for UNEP’s mission.

Intergovernmental decisions will have stronger and broader recognition and support by the public if governments take Major Groups and other Stakeholders views into account as early as possible in policy and decision-making processes. Major Groups and other Stakeholders also play a direct role in the formation of policy as researchers, think-tanks, and watchdogs, or through advocacy.

The objective of the Forum will be to facilitate preparations of Major Groups and Stakeholders towards the UNEA which will hold ministerial-level consultations on emerging policy issues under the following themes: Sustainable Development and Illegal Trade in Wildlife. Among other issues, the Forum will provide an opportunity for a multi-stakeholders dialogue, as part of the implementation of the Rio+20 Outcome document, on new models and mechanisms to promote transparency and effective engagement of civil society in the work of UNEP; the role and opportunities for involvement of civil society in the post-Rio+20 processes and the Post-2015 development agenda.

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