A Global Symposium on Environmental Rule of Law Tuesday, 24 June 2014
Environmental law is a foundation for environmental sustainability and the full realization of its objectives is ever more urgent vis-à-vis growing environmental pressures. Violations of environmental law undermine the achievement of all dimensions of sustainable development and environmental sustainability. On the occasion of the first session of the UNEA, A Global Symposium on Environmental Rule of Law invites Chief Justices, Attorneys General, Judges, Chief prosecutors, Auditors General, leading legal scholars, practitioners and experts to discuss the ways and means by which the further development and implementation of environmental rule of law can help ensure just and sustainable development outcomes, including adequate and implementable laws, access to justice and information, public participation, accountability, transparency, liability for environmental damage, fair and just enforcement, and human rights.


"Environmental law is essential for the protection of natural resources and ecosystems and reflects our best hope for the future." -Rio+20 Declaration on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability

Key Speakers

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