Sustainable Innovation Expo


The Sustainable Innovation Exhibition will showcase innovative technologies from a number of hand-picked private sector organisations that are leading the way in assisting governments and their populations in progressing to more sustainable communities, infrastructures and economies.  Visit the Exhibition for the opportunity to learn more about how these technologies, products and services can benefit your country’s sustainable development goals.

ABB South Africa

ABB South Africa offers a wide range of power and automation technologies solutions from a comprehensive product and service portfolio. We offer complete solutions to utilities, including electrical power infrastructure for transmission and distribution networks and associated products and systems.

On the industries side, we offer systems, products and services in the areas of pulp and paper, mining, metals and minerals, cement, chemicals and petrochemicals as well as manufacturing and customer industries. Our project capabilities include a comprehensive offering from feasibility studies, project management and design to construction, installation,  commissioning and customer training.As a key player in the solar industry, ABB is constantly striving and innovating to develop solutions that can efficiently transform the sun's energy into reliable power.

Our offering for the solar market stems from our expertise in power electronics. Products and solutions include solar inverters, low-voltage and grid connection products as well as PV power plants.


Actis invests exclusively in the emerging markets with a growing portfolio of investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America; it currently has US$7 billion funds under management.

Combining the expertise of over 100 investment professionals in nine countries, Actis identifies investment opportunities in three areas: private equity, energy and real estate.

Actis is proud to actively and positively grow the value of those companies in which it invests and in so doing contribute to broader society. It calls this the positive power of capital.

The firm which was founded in 2004, building on a sixty year heritage, is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) an investor initiative developed by the UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact.

Actis was recently awarded ‘Firm of the Year in Africa’, ‘Frontier Market Firm of the Year in Asia’ and ‘African Infrastructure Fund Manager’ of the Year by Private Equity International, ‘2013 Best African Fund Manager’ by Africa Investor, ‘Best Real Estate Developer in Africa’ by Euromoney and Most Active Real Estate Funding Institution’ for the second year in a row by Real Estate UNITE.

You can learn more about Actis at


Alstom continues to develop the broadest portfolio of renewable energy technologies to meet global needs.

The company understands that renewable energy sources are an essential element of global power strategies for the 21st century. While renewables can not meet all of our electricity needs in this century, there is clear potential for dynamic growth from today’s usage levels.

Incorporating renewable energy not only supports the power industry’s environmental goals, but also addresses national needs for energy security and independence.

Alstom is committed to providing a flexible portfolio of reliable, competitive technologies to capture the energy of the earth, wind, water and sun.


Aqualogy is the global brand covering all activities related to water solutions and technologies. We focus on improving efficiency through the use of advanced technologies and encouraging greater commitment to innovation, thanks to out R&D projects in the area of water cycle management.

Our business strategy is customer-centric and focuses on new markets, relying on acquired experience, knowledge and talent. Our aim is to meet the expectations of millions of citizens around the world, creating lasting social and economic value. However, at the same time, we fulfill our responsibility to the environment, and we work to raise awareness of the responsible use of resources, in our particular case, water.

Our four main areas of activity are:

• Enviornment: offering solutions to companies in the water and environment sector.
• Infrastructures: focused on the development of hydraulic engineering building projects.
• Solutions: specialised in services and solutions aimed at improving the management of water companies.
• Knowledge: centred on services based on knowledge and people management

The vision, mission and values of the company follow the lines of our business strategy and are very important for our company.

• Vision
To be a benchmark in the sphere of water and the environment through the sustainable creation of shared value.

• Mission
To bring value to our stakeholders through innovation knowledge transfer.

• Values
Excellence in everything we do, in harmony with nature
Support for the initiative and talent of individuals
Adaptation to the needs of the customer
Cooperation and a commitment to create value

As everybody knows water is an essential commodity for a high quality of life and wellbeing in our society, as well as a basic resource for productive economies on all continents. Its scarcity and the need for proper management pose serious challenges which we at Aqualogy are able to tackle by providing intelligent and innovative solutions committed to sustainable development.


Avaya brings people together.  Whether by text, voice or video, our goal is to increase an individual’s access to information so they can make faster and smarter decisions and quickly solve critical organizational and business challenges. We work to give people the best collaboration experience, regardless of the devices, locations, or media they choose.

As enterprises and organizations are more geographically dispersed and require a 24x7 workforce, they need tools that help users to engage in meaningful collaboration across locations, so they can quickly solve problems and reduce waste and cost.  Avaya core technologies provide sustainable solutions that re-use existing IT infrastructure investments to increase access to information and technology, improve employee productivity, reduce travel and its associated emissions and trim operational expenses. 

Our solutions allow organizations to develop short- and long-term IT strategies and deploy them at their own pace.  Regardless of whether an organization consists of 10 employees or 100,000, Avaya takes all forms of communication and gets them working together, to dramatically improve collaboration and organizational efficiencies.  For more information please visit


BlackBridge is focused on providing end to end solutions across the geospatial value chain. This includes satellite operations, ground station services, data center and geocloud solutions, and worldwide satellite imagery distribution through over 100 BlackBridge partners, combined with the creation of value added products and services.

BlackBridge’s RapidEye products offer imagery collected from a constellation of five Earth Observation satellites, imaging up to five million square kilometers of earth every day, adding over one billion square kilometers of imagery to its archive every year. Every square kilometer imaged can be browsed with its online discovery tool, EyeFind (

From natural disaster damage observation to change detection, there are numerous ways that RapidEye imagery can support environmental monitoring. RapidEye generated coverages of several countries currently participating in the REDD+ initiative including Guyana, Nepal, and Mexico.

Whether identifying which areas are forested or tracking the change of forested land over multiple years, RapidEye is the perfect imagery product for REDD+ and many other environmental applications. To find out more about how RapidEye is making an impact on the earth in areas from agriculture to climate change, visit


DIRECTTECH Global® has various patents in renewable energies and efficient sustainable concepts based on alternative technologies. The modular decentralised DIRECTTECH WINDTRACKER® System is designed to be integrated in architecture and infrastructure to build up SMART cities and communities. Through its storage capabilities it is not grid dependent. Working as a Node in a Network Cluster it becomes a Virtual Power Station managed by the Energy Cloud. Combined with broadband, telecommunication, street lighting, e-mobility and monitoring systems it becomes a compact solution for urban economic upgrade and infrastructural development of rural areas. These business models, also including “Green Marketing”, are intended to strengthen the renewable energy transformation process.


HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at

From the beginning, our founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, believed their company should both create great products and help make the world a better place. As long ago as 1947, our co-founder David Packard said “the betterment of society is not a job to be left to a few. It’s a responsibility to be shared by all.”

With more than seven billion people seeking greater prosperity worldwide, balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability calls for innovation and leadership. Working towards a more sustainable world, HP Living Progress responds to this challenge by improving the efficiency of our products and solutions, supply chain, and operations. By combining the expertise of our people, our innovative technology portfolio, and collaborative partnerships, we are working to create solutions that reduce environmental impact and expand opportunities.

We are working with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to develop and share solutions that streamline and replace resource-intensive processes. We will move our business forward by reducing HP’s own environmental footprint while helping people prosper and companies thrive.

Island Sky® Corporation

Island Sky® Corporation services water resource needs in countries all around the world, by supplying Skywater® machines which make drinking water from humidity in the air. Island Sky®’s patented adiabatic distillation technology, leads the industry in air to water technology. Skywater® atmospheric water generators, or AWG's produce more water in varied climates with less electricity consumption than all other air-to-water devices.  As water shortages persist around the world, Skywater® products provide effective emergency water solutions.

Skywater® products alleviate dependence from the local water supply with point of use installations, by harvesting enough fresh water from the air in warm and humid climates. Custom solutions are created for medical, residential, agricultural, military, and industrial, situations. Frequently using alternative energy sources for off-grid environments, Island Sky works directly with customers in the design and implementation of the most effective combined green energy approach for the customer's environment. Green energy technologies include waste-to-energy, biofuel gasifiers, solar power, and wind, providing water while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Island Sky's mission is to provide low-cost, high-quality drinking water to people in every corner of the world and help alleviate the global water crisis by getting water to those in need.


Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH is a German based company which patented its first ground screw in 1994. Within the past 18 years, Krinner Schraubfundamente has grown from a small company to one of the most successful companies in the solar field, standing for QUALITY, COMPETENCE, SPEED and TRUST.

To develop solutions with innovative ideas, combined with utmost quality is one of the secrets of KRINNER’s success.  The growing interest in innovative foundations, especially in the area of renewable energies has given the company Krinner an ideal opportunity to promote its unique product. Currently, Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH is represented worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Equipped with the latest technology and years of extensive experience allows us to install 23-35 MWp solar farm within a month’s time. Until now, we have installed more than 1000 MWp solar fields all over the world.  

The growing interest in innovative foundation solutions around the world, in particular in the area of regenerative energies, has given the company Krinner Schraubfundamente an ideal opportunity to promote its unique product, and to set the course for a successful future, as is evident in the strong sales growth and increase in employee numbers. These developments have been supported by a reorganization of the company structure, which has set the foundation for expanding the market leadership of the company in the area of ground screws, while retaining Krinner’s innovative principles.

Pak Oasis

Pak Oasis is one of Asia’s leading integrated water management companies, specialising in providing innovative and sustainable solutions in the fields of water filtration, sanitation and disaster relief.

Founded with just three plants in 2005, Pak Oasis now boasts more than 1,500 projects, over 3,000 highly skilled technical staff and engineers, and years of experience in the successful operation and maintenance of thousands of water and wastewater plants. In partnership with Veolia and Dow, Pak Oasis performed the Engineering, Procurement and Construction and provides Operation and Maintenance services for the largest Ultrafiltration plant on the Subcontinent – a 64,000m3/day municipal drinking water plant.

Pak Oasis understands the importance of providing integrated water management solutions that are both sustainable and affordable. Pak Oasis offers a holistic approach to the issues of water consumption, treatment and conservation through innovative projects such as solar-powered drinking water plants, biofertiliser extraction from sewerage, treating wastewater for irrigation projects, to recharge aquifers and to combat the effects of desertification in drylands.

Partnered with the industry’s leading technology companies, such as Grundfos, Dow, FSI, LORENTZ and Veolia, Pak Oasis sits at the vanguard of the industry, delivering environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to the developing world.

Scania AB

Scania is committed to playing a leadership role in developing a more sustainable road transport system.

They are a provider of goods and passenger transport solutions and are making transport more sustainable by decoupling it from emissions, noise, congestion and accidents. It's about making vehicles that are efficiently produced, cost-effective, safe for operators and, to the greatest possible degree, recyclable at the end of their life cycle. It includes using the right combination of transport modes and driving and vehicle maintenance techniques to achieve the lowest environmental impact.

It also involves maximising the positive contributions that products and services bring to society, from school buses, fire fighting, garbage collection and powering rescue boats to the bus systems that will help deliver tomorrow's transport solutions.

Their priority is to make our products more sustainable through greater fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and noise pollution and by helping to improve road safety.


Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare as well as providing infrastructure solutions, primarily for cities and metropolitan areas. For over 165 years, Siemens has stood for technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. The company is the world's largest provider of environmental technologies. Around 40 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. In fiscal 2012, which ended on September 30, 2012, revenue from continuing operations totaled €78.5 billion and income from continuing operations €4.7 billion (incl. IAS 19R and reclassification of the solar business into continuing operations). At the end of September 2012, Siemens had around 370,000 employees worldwide on the basis of continuing operations. Further information is available on the Internet at:

Sustainability is a guiding principle of our company strategy. The three areas of sustainable development – environment, business and society – are the cornerstone of all our activities. In the area of the environment, we’re providing innovative products and solutions to improve both our own ecobalance and those of our customers and suppliers. In the area of business, we’re focusing on long-term value creation. And in the area of society, we’re fostering our own employees and striving to be good citizens in all the communities in which we are active.

As our history shows, our understanding of sustainability is closely linked to our company values – responsible, excellent, innovative. From the very first, Werner von Siemens insisted that his company fulfill its responsibilities to its employees, to society and to nature. To achieve excellence, to capture leading positions in the markets of tomorrow, to develop innovative technologies that help ensure the future viability of modern civilization – this has always been our vision and our challenge.


SolarReserve is a developer of large-scale solar energy projects that was formed to solve two of the fundamental problems of energy supply with one integrated solution: how to provide large-scale renewable energy solutions and how to store that energy in order to provide firm supply “on-demand” to meet peak energy requirements, day or night.

SolarReserve has commercialised the world’s leading solar thermal energy storage technology utilising molten salt in a power tower configuration. SolarReserve’s team of power project professionals have assembled an extensive 5,000 MW worldwide development portfolio of large-scale solar projects featuring its advanced solar thermal technology (also referred to as concentrated solar power or CSP) as well as projects utilising photovoltaic technology.

With an experienced management team, the world’s leading solar thermal technology, and financial support from its strong group of private investors, SolarReserve is poised to revolutionise the electricity industry.

Sumitomo Corporation

With its global network and based on trust from companies in various industries and from consumers, Sumitomo Corporation engages in multifaceted business activities by making the most of its Integrated Corporate Strength. These business activities include sales of a variety of products and services within Japan, import and export, trilateral trade, and domestic and international business investment.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group is committed to creating a low-carbon society by developing a range of businesses that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while working to decrease such emissions generated by its activities. Our efforts include promoting the use of renewable energies, supporting the development of and introducing high-potential low-carbon technologies such as carbon dioxide sequestration, promoting the introduction of energy-saving technologies and smart community technologies that allow efficient and effective use of resources and energy, and developing platforms for the popularization of electric vehicles.


SunEdison is your trusted partner for innovative, intelligent energy solutions around the globe. We have built our business by putting our customers first, and focusing on addressing each customer’s unique solar energy needs. Through our integrated service approach, we partner with you, help you navigate your way through the solar landscape and offer uniquely tailored solutions and flexible financing.

Ultimately, we develop, finance, operate and monitor solar energy solutions worldwide, ranging from some of the world’s largest solar deployments to our residential customers’ rooftops. SunEdison is a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR), a global leader in polysilicon and silicon wafer manufacturing, the foundation upon which most solar cells and semiconductor devices are built.


SunErgy is a Norwegian company providing solar electricity to off grid rural villages in emerging markets through the installation and operations of solar power stations and local grid. On the same grid, the company also offers cable television and Internet, thus giving people access to the outside world.

As a next step for the “SunErgy villages”, the company arranges   entrepreneurship and business development training, as well as provides micro credit, both to entrepreneurs and for households installing electricity.

SunErgy strongly believes that electricity, combined with communication solutions, is key to sustainable and viable community development. It will provide rural villages, private and public institutions (businesses, schools, government offices, health centers, etc.) with access to Internet communication previously not available. This will hugely impact and affect the villages and its people, and may in turn revolutionize vital areas such as education, health, business opportunities and communication with the outside world, thus providing the opportunity for millions to escape poverty and move towards a brighter and prosperous future.

SunErgy works with state of the art equipment, thoroughly tested and delivered by world leading manufacturer.

Valmont Industries

From the lighting and traffic structures that guide your way, to communication towers and utility structures that power your home and business, to irrigation equipment that waters the croplands on which your food is grown, Valmont products improve lives worldwide.

Valmont Industries operates in four primary business segments: Engineered Infrastructure Products, Utility Support Structures, Irrigation and Coatings; as well as in the tubing, grinding media and electrolytic manganese dioxide businesses. Valmont (VMI) is publicly traded on the NYSE.

We focus on two global markets: infrastructure and agriculture. Valmont Industries is present in 23 developed and developing countries, offering 27 brands from more than 90 facilities. International sales represent a significant portion of our revenues.Valmont has an ongoing process called "The Valmont Way." The Valmont Way is our method of implementing a culture of continuous improvement. Sustainability is one aspect on our drive towards continuous improvement.

Valmont has an ongoing process called "The Valmont Way." The Valmont Way is our method of implementing a culture of continuous improvement. Sustainability is one aspect on our drive towards continuous improvement.

Vossloh Kiepe

For over a century, Vossloh Kiepe has been supplying innovative electrical systems used on road and rail vehicles operating on urban public transportation services.

The company’s customised and efficient solutions address the ultimate quality requirements, with special emphasis on economic efficiency and ecology. The range includes integrated system solutions for new vehicles, the revamping of older vehicles, turnkey projects, components, and a wide array of services.