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UNEP, and in particular the UNEP-based Clearing-House of the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), has worked with the FIA Foundation since the launch of the PCFV in 2002. The FIA Foundation manages and supports an international program of activities promoting road safety, environmental protection and sustainable mobility, as well as funding specialist motor sport safety research. UNEP and the FIA Foundation have also recently worked on developing cooperation on the global campaign for a '10% rule' for road investments.

The 10% rule refers to the recommendation of the Commission for Global Road Safety that “…at a minimum 10% of all road infrastructure projects should be committed to road safety. This principle should be rigorously and consistently applied by all bilateral and multilateral donors.” Infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists is part of this global target and UNEP is promoting the air quality and climate-related potential for developing country cities as part of this campaign.

Given the current urbanization and motorization trends in Africa, the growing air pollution and carbon emissions from transport in cities, and the fact that 50% of trips in Africa are non-motorized (mainly on foot or bicycle), promoting non-motorized infrastructure and mobility via the 10% campaign is an opportunity to work toward more sustainable African cities.

UNEP's message at the conference focused on combining environment, road safety and poverty agendas in Africa for more environmentally friendly, equitable cities, and a stronger road safety agenda. The 10% campaign works to change road infrastructure trends and investment as non-motorized modes are not represented in second-generation road loans. The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa is due to invest US$1.2billion in African roads over the next few years, and applying the 10% rule would mean allocating US$120 million or more of these funds toward environmentally and socially sustainable roads.

UNEP Presentation on "10% for Sustainable Mobility in African Cities: Merging Environment, Road Safety, and Poverty"

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