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Latin America & Caribbean


Las Delicias
The Sea Breeze Mountain and the children of the Costa Rica Blue zone planted 1,000 trees for the World Environment Day 2008. Education is a key component of sustainable development and the Sea Breeze Mountain eco-residential community is proud to have contributed to this effort.

For more information, please contact:
Jean schiettekatte
Sea Breeze Mountain
300 M north from the school Las Delicias de Guancaste
Costa Rica
Tel: +506 800-969-5023
Fax: +506 011506-2653-1923
E-mail: infosea@seabreezemountain.com
Website: www.seabreezemountain.com


San Domingo
In support of World Environment Day 2008, FIADASEC held conferences, courses, hikes, plantations, and exhibitions in its associates’ home countries on the theme:  "Leave the habit, eliminate the use of coal" and become active agents of sustainable and equitable development.

For more information, please contact:
Jose Tortajada
Street Eduardo Vicioso 56, Ens.
Bella Vista Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
E-mail: josetortajada2000@yahoo.com
Website: www.fiadasec.org


To celebrate World Environment Day, La Selva Jungle Lodge organized a bird list count. Guests were split in two groups and identified as many species of birds as they could. Even though the bird experience is already a priceless gift, the group that accomplished the highest bird list was given an award for their efforts.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Gabriela Pesantez
La Selva Jungle Lodge
Mariana de Jesús E7-211 y Pradera Quito
Tel: + 593 2 550 995
Fax: + 593 2 225 154
E-mail: marketing@laselvajunglelodge.com
Website: www.laselvajunglelodge.com


To celebrate World Environment Day 2008 and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the Municipal Committee of Environmental Education held an Eco-Fair in which enterprises and NGO's promoted their environmental alternatives to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition there was a drawing contest for children between 6 - 12 and a poster contest for high school students. This event brought together government agencies, environmental NGO's, and enterprises dedicated to preserve the natural resources of Cancun.

For more information, please contact:
Monica Alba
Comité Municipal de Educación Ambiental
Calle 2, S.M. 64 Cancun
Tel: 52 (998) 884 75 09
E-mail: malba@cancun.gob.mx

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2008, the Bilbao School held a tree planting activity. The pupils also participated in an energy saving campaign that involved removal of three fluorescent lights from their respective homes in exchange for energy saving bulbs.

For more information, please contact:
Margarita Lopez
Bilbao School
Tlalmimilolpa # 39 Col. San Mateo Tlaltenango
Tel: +52 58 10 71 66
Fax: +52 58 10 71 67
E-mail: margarita@bilbao.edu.mx
Website: www.bilbao.edu.mx

Students from different grades at the UNIVA High school celebrated World Environment Day by organizing a poster exhibition at the School with a theme of caring for the environment and emphasizing this year’s topic of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

For more information, please contact:
Adrian Ricardo Lopez
Preparatoria UNIVA (UNIVA High School)
Pintores #4 Col. jardines de Guadalupe Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tel.: +52 33 31 34 08 00
Email: ricardo.lopez@univa.mx

As part of the celebration of World Environment Day 2008, Planeta.com presented the seventh annual Colibri Ecotourism Award to a leading catalyst working toward ecotourism and responsible travel in Mexico.

For more information, please contact:
Ron Mader
Alcala Street Oaxaca
Tel: +52-951-513-4714
E-mail: editor@planeta.com
Website: www.planeta.com

To mark World Environment Day 2008, over 4,000 people joined in the festivities at the Fundaciinns on 5 June.  Educating and inspiring the citizens of Tecate to respect and celebrate the environment with fun-filled activities such as: petting zoos (including marine life), insect exhibitions, desert mushroom exhibitions, car oil disposal workshops, regional watershed education, face painting; dramatic storytelling, and live theatre. Festival participants will be treated to delicious traditional Mexican foods, regional music and dance.

For more information, please contact:
Liliana Camacho
Fundacion La Puerta
Km. 48 Carretera Federal Tijuana Tecate
Tel: 665 521 29 58
E-mail: lcamacho@fundacionlapuerta.org
Website: www.fundacionlapuerta.org


Parvati Girls' Hindu College hosted activities running from 2 - 5 June. The activities included:

  • Exchanging 1 incandescent light bulb with a compact
        fluorescent bulb in each student's home;
  • Solar cooker, green grocery bag, poetry and "Blue foods"
  • Planting of fruit trees and a hedge on the School's compound;
  • Running of documentaries based on environmental issues.
  • For more information, please contact:
    Kavita Samaroo
    Parvati Girls' Hindu College
    S.S. Erin Road Debe
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Tel: +1-868- 647-0007
    Fax: +1-868- 647-0007
    E-mail: npghc@tstt.net.tt

    The members of Mayaro Environmental Wave carried out a beach clean-up and sand sculturing event in commemoration of the World Environment Day 2008.

    For more information, please contact:
    Andy Paul
    Mayaro Environmental Wave
    Pierreville Mayaro
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Tel: 868 396 9898
    E-mail: acpaul2@hotmail.com

    Point Fortin
    To celebrate World Environment Day 2008, the Atlantic LNG Company distributed forest seedlings, ornamental plants, fruit trees, ground provision plants, and vegetable seedlings to its employees and the Point Fortin residents.

    For more information, please contact:
    Susan Benasrie
    Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago
    28 Adventure Road Point Fortin
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Tel: +1-868-314-0537
    Fax: +1-868-648-6717
    E-mail: susanbenasrie@atlanticlng.com