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World Environment Day - 5 June 2008
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World Environment Day can be celebrated in many ways. The following are a selection of inspiring examples of how World Environment Day was celebrated in 2004 with the theme/slogan: Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive?; in 2005 with the theme/slogan: Green Cities: Plan for the Planet!; in 2006 Deserts and Desertification: Don't Desert Drylands!; and in 2007 Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?

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On 5 June 2005, more than 200 people, including representatives of different ministries and local media, participated in the celebrations of World Environment Day a big hall in Baghdad. The event focused on the issue of marshlands, and three presentations were given: the first dealt with the meaning of World Environmental Day, its history and purpose; the second focused on the role of the Ministry of Environment to rehabilitate the marshlands; and the third one discussed the past and current situation of the marshlands. During the event, pens and UNEP booklets were distributed. The role of UNEP in supporting different environmental projects in Iraq, especially the marshland project, was mentioned by all speakers.

To mark World Environment Day 2007, the University of Dohuk, in Northern Iraq, founded a Non-Governmental Organization: Water For Every One (WFEO), with the aim to conserve water resources through national and international cooperation.


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) carried out a clean- up of the Southern beach. The event was held on 5 – 7 June and involved about 10 different groups in the community, including schools, youth clubs and diving shops. An estimated 200 people took part.


In 2005, a new 500-kilogramme steel monument was erected at the King Faisal Corniche in Manama on 3 June. The 18-foot symbolic structure, depicting eight individuals carrying the globe, is made almost entirely of scrap steel except for the continents, which are made out of recycled aluminium cans. The Hussaini Drawing Society for Islamic Arts was behind the project and received support from the Manama Municipal Council and Municipality. The Atlas Construction and Transportation Company made the sculpture for free on behalf of the Society.


To celebrate World Environment Day 2006, about 60 school students aged 10 to 12 planted trees at one of the parks in the city of Jeddah with the help of Glaxo staff and volunteers. The participants started by cleaning the park, then they placed banners and environmental awareness posters in the park. They concluded the event by planting five Bazromia trees with different names: Deserts and Desertification - Don't Desert Dry Lands, Embedding Culture of Care, Green Cities -Plant for the Planet, Foundations for the Future and Water, Two Billion People are Dying for it.


In 2007, the Youth Environment Parliament (YEP) held a special event, hosted by the Environment & Development magazine in the Lebanese capital, at which a UNEP documentary on climate change and another one prepared by the students were screened. The event also so a display of award-winning paintings and drawings in a nation-wide contest organized by a magazine under the title: Me and the Environment. A message from UNEP’s regional director Habib El-Habr on climate change was read to the participants.
An exhibition under the theme: Impact of War on the Environment was inaugurated, in cooperation with UNEP. It was then due to go on a road-show and to be hosted by 50 schools in Lebanon and the region between September-December 2007.


The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) has been celebrating World Environment Day since 1992. In 2004, EEC celebrated this occasion with the Bethlehem Peace Centre (BPC). EEC and BPC had an open day on 5 June with lots of environmental and recreational activities. Their target was students from 12 schools in the Bethlehem area. The students were chosen from the environmental clubs EEC and BPC established in their schools. The programme began with a presentation about biodiversity, followed by group discussions on local and global environmental problems.


The Kainat Foundation, a NGO based in India, celebrated World Environment Day in Qatar in 2006, under the slogan Don't Desert Dry lands! It organized competitions for students, as well as an exhibition entitled Environment is our Responsibility. On the eve of WED, the foundation launched its magazine: The Kainat.


The Syrian Red Crescent Organization Homs Branch invited photographers from around the world, amateur or professional, to participate in its 2005 World Environment Day Photo Gallery, which was exhibited in the Museum of Azzehrawi Palace on 5-9 June.


Abu Dhabi
The Environment Agency of Aby Dhabi organized in 2007 a presentation for women and their families on climate change and how can they can contribute to tackling the issue. Dr. Zaghlool Al Najar from Egypt gave the presentation. Besides this, radio stations carried out quiz contests and talk shows. Schools Nature Clubs observed the day with activities for all students.