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World Environment Day - 5 June 2008
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World Environment Day 2008 Celebrations
Wellington, New Zealand

5 June 2008 - World Environment Day 2008 Guides the Global Public Towards Climate Neutrality. People in the developed world, as well as some rapidly developing countries and cities - from Manchester and Manhattan to Moscow and Mumbai - can start right away to "Kick the C02 Habit", the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says. Some quite simple measures can more than halve the daily emissions of an individual, with even bigger cuts possible if sectors like power suppliers and automobile makers as well as aviation and appliance manufacturers contributed more to the greening of global lifestyles. More...

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Niwa's Wave Energy Launch
Green Ribbon Awards Wellington, New Zealand
Climate Neutral Network Meeting Hosted in Wellington by State Owned Enterprise Meridian Energy and Crown Research Institute Landcare Research
Art For the Environment Exhibition Opening at the Te Papa , Wellington
Press Releases
"Kick the CO2 Habit" - UNEP Says It May Be Easier Than You Think
Bringing Renewable Energy to Remote Communities: Projects from Peru and Lao PDR Share Prestigious Environment Award
The Green Ribbon Awards
Fourteen-year old from Hong Kong wins UNEP International Painting Competition
Audio Visual
World Environment Day Celebrations - Day 2
World Environment Day Celebrations - Day 1
On June 5th 2008 in central Wellington New Zealand, 200 people stopped to think about our environment.
People called to curb carbon addiction ( TVNZ, New Zealand)
"Kick the carbon habit" is the message that is being drummed into people as New Zealand hosted World Environment Day in Wellington on Thursday.
CO2 Kick The Habit (Flash Animation)
World Environment Day 2008 VNR(wmv)
Moving Towards a Balanced Earth: Kick the (Carbon) Habit
Natural World Museum - World Environment Day 2008