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UNEP and You

UNEP and You -- an on-going social networking platform for environmental activism. Get involved!

UNEP reached 10,000 followers on midnight 5 June for WED and will announce the tree planting activity shortly.

This effort supports the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign’s goal to plant a total of seven billion trees- 1 for every person on the planet- by year’s end.

Add your voice and twitter loudly! and watch this space for more ways to get involved on the Road to Copenhagen this December.

Monday, 4 May 2009
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched in 2007 a major worldwide tree-planting campaign. Under the theme “Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign,” UNEP is encouraging people, communities, organizations, businesses, civil society and governments to enter their tree planting pledges. The objective was to plant at least one billion trees worldwide every year. UNEP has now set a new goal of planting seven billion trees- one for every person on the planet- by the end of 2009. The campaign strongly encourages the planting of indigenous trees and trees that are appropriate to the local environment.

To honor World Environment Day, and help achieve the seven billion tree goal, the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and Field Support (DFS) have decided to participate in the campaign and will submit pledges to plant trees in their respective areas of operation.

“I encourage all staff members to participate in this initiative, which brings the United Nations family together not only for the benefit of the countries where we serve but for future generations worldwide,” said the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Alain Le Roy.