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Thousands of people took part in a major tree planting in Baku, Azerbaijan in an early celebration of World Environment Day. The President of Azerbaijan declared 2010 the Year of the Environment for Green Earth. Azerbaijan’s Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Hussein Bagirov, said the country could witness promising examples of comprehensive action aimed at environmental protection, but much more should be done.
“Our planet is facing enormous environmental threats. We, the citizens of the world, should unite our efforts to address the challenges now. We shouldn’t wait until the crisis wakes us to reality,” the minister said.
UNEP's Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) started the Cultural Environment Week today in celebration of WED 2010 and the International Year of Biodiversity. UNEP ROWA worked in close collaboration with the Bahrain Environment Society and civil society associations to organize the event. Today's activities included: Photo exhibit, Friendship Artwork Exhibit, Bahrain Singers Band, Dance for biodiversity from India, and poet Qassam Haddad accompanied with live music. 
Hundreds of children and youth gathered at UN Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya today at an awards ceremony for the annual Arts and Essay competition. UNEP in collaboration with partners (Kenya Organization for Environmental Education, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and National Environment Management Authority) organized the competition for schools and colleges in Kenya as part of WED build-up activities.

UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea(NATCOM ROK) hosted a WED 2010 Korean slogan competition in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment(MOE) of the Republic of Korea. Hundreds of Koreans participated in the competition this year. The winning phrase is the one which described and delivered the meaning of  the theme of WED 2010, “Many Species. One Planet. One Future.” in a sound but significant way. UNEP Korea and the Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) has run the WED slogan competition every year in celebration of WED. The selected slogan will be used for all the WED 2010 events in Korea. Also, UNEP Korea has successfully opened the official WED webpage in Korean - this site will give vast information and raise public awareness on WED and biodiversity. More UNEP Korea's activities included: the National Children’s Environment Painting Competition, street campaigns with university student groups(UNEP ANGEL), publishing the TUNZA Magazine in Korean, and so on.
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Representatives from federal and municipal government authorities, Golden Tortoise Nature Photography Contest, Moscow Zoo, UN agencies and NGOs took part in a special WED celebration organized jointly by the UNEP Moscow office and the UN Information Centre in Moscow (UNIC Moscow). The event was held at the UNIC Moscow premises.

The Cultural Environment Week organized on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity and WED 2010 will see UNEP/ROWA work in close collaboration with Bahrain Environment Society and civil society associations.



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