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Greening the Blue
How will the United Nations itself celebrate World Environment Day? This year the UN will use WED to highlight the progress that’s been made internally to move the UN-family towards greater sustainability, whilst also pushing for deeper, faster change in all UN organizations. A stunning new website, Greening the Blue, will be launched on 4 June and communicated to all UN staff. It will provide a one-stop shop for information on current activities to create a more sustainable UN, as well as details of next the steps on our journey towards greater sustainability.

The website will be full of engaging and stimulating content, much of which is being made public for the first time, including:
- The greenhouse gas inventories of each UN organisation
- Case studies of work that’s underway in many UN organisations to reduce their environmental footprint
- A humorous video showing how UN staff can reduce their work-related impacts, and
- Details of what the UN plans to do next to improve its sustainability performance.

For more information, contact Imogen Martineau at imogen.martineau@unep.org.


UNEP Regional Office for Africa
As UNEP mobilizes the international communities and partners around the WED slogan Many Species. One Planet. One Future. in the context of the International Year of Biodiversity the UNEP Regional Office for Africa is organizing the TUNZA Africa Youth Environment Network (AYEN) Conference 2-5 June, 2010 in Kigali, Rwanda (the host of the global WED celebrations).

The conference will be funded under the UNEP–BAYER Partnership for Youth and the Environment. It will also provide an opportunity to show Rwanda and UNEP’s work on biodiversity and highlight regional challenges. In total, 35 participants shall take part- 18 young people representing all sub-regions of Africa and 17 participants from Rwanda. This year’s conference theme is “African Youth Standing up for Biodiversity”.

UNEP Country Program - Kenya
This year's national World Environment Day (WED) celebrations will take place on 5 June, 2010 in Molo, Nakuru, Kenya. Under the global theme for the celebrations 'Many Species. One Planet. One Future."

UNEP in collaboration with partners (Kenya Organization for Environmental Education, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and National Environment Management Authority) is organizing an Arts and Essay competition for schools and colleges in Kenya as part of WED build-up activities. On 3 June 2010, we plan to have a high profile Awards Ceremony for national winners from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions at UNEP.

UN Country Team - Ethiopia
The UN Country Team in Ethiopia will host a World Environment Day activity on 4 June in Addis Ababa. The event will foster a dialogue on biodiversity in Africa among members of the diplomatic community, including representatives from: embassies, the UN Country Team, the African Union, Ethiopian government organizations, local NGOs, and international NGOs.


UNEP Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific
Vientiane, Laos - Laos will commemorate WED at a donors meeting with participation from Water Resources and Environment Administration (WREA), IUCN, WWF, UNDP, UNEP and Department of Forestry. Activities include a poem competition on WED topic, a debate on bio-diversity and social economic development, launch of the Green school program in 14 schools in Vientiane which will expand to other areas in future, and a clean and green country programme. Along with T-shirts and brochures that will be distributed during the day, interviews with the Laotian Prime Minister, the Head of WREA, the Director of the Department of Environment and UNEP Deputy Regional Director will be broadcasted on Laotian TV from 4 June. Other TV, radio and print media programs are also planned. In addition short messages on WED will also be disseminated via mobile phones.

Naypyidaw, Myanmar - UNEP will be participating in a WED event in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. The Chairman of the National Commission for Environmental Affairs and Ministry of Forest will open the event, where messages from the UN Secretary General and UNEP WED message will also be read. The event will end with prize giving ceremonies for the 2010 WED articles and Essay competition by Minister U Thein Aung and UNEP representative.

Pyongyang, DPRK - International cooperation on biodiversity and climate change will be the topic of WED celebrations that will take place in Pyongyang, DPRK and hosted by the DPRK government and UNEP.

UN Country Team - China
UNEP and UNDP will cosponsor a WED celebration in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People on 4 June. State leaders will attend the WED Celebration Conference which will be co-organized by MEP, NPC Special Committee on Environmental and Resources, CPPCC Special Committee on Human Resources and Environment, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Education, Communist Youth League of China and All-China Women Federation. The conference highlights the outcome of China’s Young Environmental Envoys program and will launch environmental protection stamps. Around 700 participants from above mentioned ministries, Center for Environmental Education and Communications of MEP, Beijing Municipal Center for Environmental Education, UNEP and UNDP, representatives of the China’s Young Environment Envoys, students, Beijing Post Company, and members of the media will attend this event. Mr. Zhang Shigang, Coordinator of UNEP China Office will attend this high level event on UNEP’s behalf.

UNEP China Office, as the Co-sponsor of this event, extended support to the China’s Young Environmental Envoys program since 2009 which aims at promoting the role of the youth volunteer in the actions of environmental protection. Around 1122 youth volunteers have participated in the training activities of this program so far. In 2010, the Chinese government will further promote the actions of the society in emission reduction actions through the implementation of this program. Therefore, this conference will serve as a platform to summarize the outcomes and experiences of this program and to promote the implementation of the emission reduction actions in 2010.

UNEP will co-organize a Low Carbon Forum with Climate Group, Shanghai Expo authority, and Broad Air. The event will take place on 5 June at Broad Air Pavilion at Expo Park in Shanghai. Some five hundred participants including Shanghai/China senior officials, world celebrities, CEOs, NGOs, public and media worldwide will attend the forum.

UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea
In support of World Environment Day 2010, the UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea will host the 10th National Children’s Environment Painting Competition and Award Ceremony on 30 May with Homeplus (TESCO) and MoE. The National Committee has also organized a street campaign by university student groups (UNEP ANGEL) at eight locations on World Environment Day. The National Committee is also publishing copies (online and in print) of the TUNZA Magazine in Korean, as well as the YouthXchange book in Korean.

UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea was established in 1996 as non-profit organization in Korea and promotes UNEP’s initiatives and campaigns in Korea through releasing publications including quarterly magazines such as Our Planet and TUNZA in Korean, educating children and youth and promoting UNEP’s initiatives such as Seal the Deal, Carbon Neutral Network Initiatives and World Environment Day. UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea co-hosted UNEP TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference in 2009 with 1,000 participants from 105 countries.


UNEP Regional Office for Europe
Three city hubs will lead celebrations in Europe with major public events in Geneva (Switzerland), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Genova (Italy). The activities will range from an open day at the park of the Palais des Nations in Geneva where the UN family will lead Geneva's largest ever World Environment Day (WED) event, to a tree planting drive in Baku and an art exhibition and biodiversity conference in Genova, reflecting the diverse ways communities can unite to better manage the world’s wealth of species and ecosystems. In Vienna on 28 May, UNEP will stage a WED symposium on biodiversity conservation, while in Brussels, Green Week will attract a wide ranging audience from 1-4 June. The UNEP National Committees in Bulgaria and Ukraine also plan WED forums focusing on biodiversity and sustainable development. The Swedish city of Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, will hold its 15th consecutive WED celebration on 5 June with music performances, dance, a circus and a poetry slam.

UNEP Moscow
The UNEP Moscow office, jointly with the UN Information Centre in Moscow (UNIC Moscow) will organize a special WED event on 3 June. The event will take place at the UNIC Moscow premises with participation of representatives of federal and Moscow governmental authorities, Golden Tortoise Nature Photography Contest, Moscow Zoo, UN agencies, NGOs, and more.

UNRIC Brussels
The United Nations Regional Information Center in Brussels and UNIFEM are working with French retailer "3 Suisses" on a project which will see the company produce a product on each of the MDGs. The first was a t-shirt designed by French designer Jean-Pau Knott calling for an end to poverty. As a follow up the company will print shopping bags for World Environment Day and MDG 7 with the WED logo and text: positive action for the environment. The bags will be sold online and all profits (from all the MDG products) will go to UNIFEM led projects on the MDGs.

UNDP Serbia
UNDP Serbia will host a World Environment Day event in Dimitrovgrad and several other small cities. The event will take place in the collaboration with the 'Cleaning Up Serbia Initiative'.


UNEP Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean
The Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean (ROLAC) will host World Environment Day celebrations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The event will see delegates from the Haitian Government, the United Nations, and civil society come together for the launch of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) - Haiti publication. After the press conference, all attendees will attend a cultural presentation.


UNEP Regional Office for North America
The City of Pittsburgh, host of this year's North American World Environment Day celebrations, have more than stepped up to the plate. They have exceeded all expectations and have set the standard for future North American celebrations. Government officials, businesses, civil society organizations and individuals have embraced the Bridging the Gap concept, which encourages communities and individuals alike to do something concrete to safeguard the environment between Earth Day on 22 April and World Environment Day on 5 June. In support of the International Year of Biodiversity and the Day's theme, more than 130 events and activities have been organized, including a national conference on water, entitled Water Matters! ; a High School Film Festival on the environment; a panel discussion honoring two-time Pulitzer Prize winner E. O. Wilson; a conference on Women's Health and the Environment; an Arts and Environment Festival; an event aiming to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the most canoes and kayaks on a moving body of water; and the Water Savers Competition whose goal is to see which neighborhoods can save the most water and energy from April to June. To find out more on what 's taking place in and around Pittsburgh, visit UNEP's Regional Office for North America (RONA) website at: www.unep.org/rona or the WED Pittsburgh website at: www.pittsburghwed.com. In selecting Pittsburgh, UNEP RONA is honoring Pittsburgh's story of transformation from an industrial to 'green' city, and its commitment to sustainable development.


UNEP Regional Office for West Asia
Our objective is to mobilize individuals and civil society organizations as well as private sector companies to spread messages that urge leaders and societies to change behavior and take actions to stem the tide of species extinction.

Planned activities
The Cultural Environment Week organized on the occasion of the International Year of Biodiversity and WED 2010 will see UNEP/ROWA work in close collaboration with Bahrain Environment Society and civil society associations. Artists will paint, sing and talk about the environment. Journalists will talk about their experience and interest in environmental issues. Civil society associations such as Friendship Society for the Sightless will participate through environment and biodiversity related artworks.

3 June - Photo exhibit, Friendship Artwork Exhibit, Bahrain Singers Band, Dance for biodiversity from India, Poet Qassam Haddad accompanied with live music
4 June - Poet Ali Sharkawi accompanied with live music
5 June - Singers Band, Dance for Environment, messages from officials, messages from journalists, Poet Alawi Alhashimi accompanied with live music



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