WED 2013 in Mongolia: Visit to Mongolia’s First Wind Farm

As part of its transition to a low-carbon future, Mongolia launched its first wind farm on Salhit Mountain in Tuv Province. Later in the day, the joint IFAD and UNEP-WCMC ‘Smallholders, Food Security and the Environment’ report was launched. Other events during the day included a Conference on Responsible Mining and one on  Renewable Energy Futures and Green Development, which explored the relationship between renewable energy and green development in Mongolia, where there is a potential to redefine rational and sustainable growth.

A visit to Mongolia’s Hustai National Park (HNP), capped the day. The park is home to the takhi or Przewalski horse,  one of the few remaining wild horse species on the planet today.  It was here that this rare breed of horse was reintroduced to its original habitat in 1992, the start of a unique and exceptional effort to make tame animals wild again.

Video - WED 2013: Launch of the ’Smallholders, Food Security and Environment Report