World Environment Day - Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level

Submission Guidelines

  • A video blog is a brief and personal video on a particular topic. It does not normally entail the use of professional cameras nor is it based on a pre-written script. Normally, a video blog is produced using a mobile or personal video camera with the video-blogger looking for the most creative and unique way to tell his view of the theme or story, or share an inspiring message for World Environment Day.
  • Your video should connect to the World Environment Day theme — Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea-level — which aims to bring the challenges that the Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) are facing to the attention of the international community. Have a look at the WED website to understand more about the context of the theme in relation to Small Islands and Climate Change.
  • Be creative, unique, engaging, interesting and passionate.  We’re looking for a video that will spread the word about World Environment Day and its theme to the biggest possible audience that you can reach.
  • Your video should not be more than 2 minutes long so be as creative as possible with your treatment and message delivery.    
  • Think about a global audience. The theme this year is about solidarity given that we are after all living on one big island called planet Earth, as the UN Secretary General puts it. World Environment Day is a global celebration for everyone, everywhere, so try to make your video as universally understandable as possible.
  • Videos are also about garnering as many views as possible. The most watched video will be given strong consideration during the judging. Use all the possibilities that social networks have to offer and any other way that allows you to promote your video blog.
  • Make it appealing! Don’t forget that a Hollywood star will be watching it! Our Goodwill Ambassador, Don Cheadle, is looking for creative videos that deliver the WED message in the most effective way!
  • Send your video in your own language but remember that if your video is not sent in English, you should send the translation to .