World Environment Day - Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level


  1. Be yourself, be authentic. Remember that taking care of the environment is taking care of your home. Don´t be shy and let your creative mind find the best way to spread the word about the Small Island Developing States and World Environment Day! Submissions can be sent until 4 April 2014.
  2. Before you start filming, read everything you can about this year’s World Environment Day theme: Raise your voice, not the sea level. The WED website is a great source of information and will get you prepared to spread the message as widely as possible!
  3. Don´t forget that it´s also about being the most viral or popular among the entries. Promote your video on social media and tell others to share it.
  4. We are not looking for a documentary or sci-fi movie. We want you to be creative and send a video that could be understood by most everyone. The video can be sent in your own language but remember, the more universal the message is, the more views you will have.
  5. Watch the time! The maximum length of the video is 2 minutes!
  6. Follow UNEP´s social media accounts to stay tuned! We will be posting news on the competition through our Twitter, Facebook and Weeibo!
  7. Find ways of communicating the theme. Shoot a "selfie", make a slideshow ,... Do it your way but do it! Raise your voice for the environment!