World Environment Day - Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level

Find Out How

World Environment Day is celebrated globally in different ways, big and small. However you choose to fight climate change, protect the environment and show solidarity with the islands, your action will add to the collective voice on WED. These are just a few examples of what YOU can do for WED. Whatever activity you choose, be sure to register it and be counted!


Celebrating WED through a sporting event can bring crowds of people together in a fun and social setting where players and spectators converge.


  • Find out if there are upcoming marathons, cricket matches, football games and other sports events in your neighborhood to which you can link  your WED activity. Contact the organizer to see how you can work together.
  • Research possible sponsors who can print your uniforms and banners
  • Reserve an accessible location for your event and get permits if necessary

Marathon and Motor-Free Day in Mongolia

Runners of all ages celebrated WED by participating in a marathon and fun-run in Ulaanbaatar. Main thoroughfares of the city were also designated car-free to reduce CO2 emissions and to celebrate WED.

Race and Clean Up in Kenya

Riders and their families got together on WED by collecting garbage and learning about the WED theme facts and figures.

Arts, Film & Crafts

Film, photography, and paintings are creative ways to inspire environmental action. Powerful images and photography can also capture the beauty of the Earth and inspire people to take care of their surroundings.


  • Engage artists, photography clubs or your local museum
  • Collect photographs on the theme and create an exhibition for WED. (Make sure to check licenses and terms of use.)
  • Look into film festivals like the Green Film Festival and Cinemambiente
  • Instagram your #WED2014 #WorldEnvironmentDay activity

Music and Dance

Music and dance performances can uplift the spirit in a way that everybody can understand. They can gather people from different backgrounds and create a festive atmosphere.


  • Collect songs about the environment; Compose jingles and dedicate a dance or song for the islands
  • Engage your local choir or school glee club
  • Create a concert, gather a battle of the bands, or a dance class and invite your community to sing and dance, celebrating WED.

Musicians Take Action for the Environment

Two of Kenya's biggest singing stars, Eric Wainaina and Suzanna Owiyo, use their high profiles to ignite positive environmental action as UNEP Goodwill Ambassadors.

Songs for WED

In the UK, Shakti Sings, a 200 strong, national choir performed its first live performance to celebrate WED in 2013. The performance was highlighted by harmonious and uplifting songs about the Earth.

Education & Learning

Learning about the Earth, our carbon footprint and how to reduce it can help protect the planet. The more people know about our environmental impacts, the more they will be encouraged to take action.


  • Talk with teachers and encourage them to have a special class project to be done on climate change and the islands on WED
  • Invite an environmental expert who can talk about global warming and other issues in a workshop at your local town hall or school auditorium.

Community Lecture on WED Theme

The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) held a community lecture where attendees had a chance to ask about how to reduce their impact on the environment. EEG invited Mr Moez El Shohdi, CEO of Egyptian Food Bank to speak at the forum to celebrate WED 2013.

Superhero Shows Ways to Save the Planet

In New York, young students learn about reducing, reusing and recycling, and how they can help protect the Earth when Ecoman visited classrooms around WED.


School/Youth Celebrate WED. Outdoor activities that schools can do on WED include field trips, rallies, picnics and festivals, recycling drives, sidewalk painting and clean up campaigns. Find out how your school can reach out to your community. Indoors, possible activities include declamation contests, debates about the theme, arts and crafts projects like origami using recycled materials. Involve your class and school clubs and organize events linked to your clubs' interests!


In Bahrain, Students at Al Hekma International School watched videos that tackle the WED theme and created pictures on ways to reuse and reduce waste to lessen their environmental impact.

Organizations & Businesses

Sustainability at Work. It's about awareness and action at work on WED. Companies that care about the environment mobilize their employees in many creative and meaningful ways, from awareness workshops, awards, to active engagement with their customers, communities and governments.

Organizations & Businesses

In Singapore, RICOH installed an eco-pledge tree, on which employees shared their ideas and pledges to care for the environment.

Towns and Communities

In Kenya,the Kiribati forest was the location of tree planting activities done together by NGOs, UN employees and local government representatives.

Towns and Communities

In Seoul,families learned about pollution's effects on plant growth at an arts and crafts festival held at the city square.