World Environment Day Vlogging Competition - Help Kaitlyn Randolph win a trip to an exotic Island! #WED2014

Kaitlyn Randolph

Kait Randolph is studying integrated science education for students in grades 7-12 at the University of Toledo. Cooking, writing, travelling, reading, hiking, and learning are a few of her favorite things. Coffee shops, mountains, cities, libraries, churches, and museums are a few of her favorite places. She's fairly new to the vlogging scene, but she believes that technology and multimedia are wonderful vessels for teaching content and increasing awareness for a cause, and she plans to incorporate forms of media into her career in education.

As a future teacher, Kait knows that the values held by the students and their awareness will shape our world in the near future. She believes that a public understanding of current and ominous global environmental problems, along with fostering unity and active participation in changing our world together, is a key part of our global citizenship.

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