This year’s WED theme is 7 Billion Dreams. 1 Planet. Consume with Care.

Dreaming is the first step towards actualizing a Future We Want.

Imagine what 7 billion dreams can do when they come true!

It starts with an individual action. That leads to collective power…and translates to exponential impact!

This year, the UNEP Goodwill Ambassadors have formed a Dream Team to encourage the global community to share our dreams for a healthier planet and to make pledges in support of the environmental Sustainable Development Goals focusing on the main things we consume and waste - water, food, energy and all natural resources like forests and animal products.

So this World Environment Day, join the Dream Team by sharing your dreams and pledges today. And then inspire others to do the same!

Your efforts will help the world consume with care for a healthier planet and happier people!

So click here to share your dream and make a pledge!



  • I have a Dream
    Martin Luther King

  • I have a Dream , a song to sing…

  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
    Walt Disney

  • It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.
    Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

  • Hope is a waking dream.

  • Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.
    Khalil Gibran

  • All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.
    Jack Kerouac

  • A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
    Yoko Ono

See What The World is Dreaming

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My dream is to reduce deforestation in the world and especially in the big equatorial forests for industrial purposes. For this, we must develop the recycling of waste paper, newspapers, books and board systematically.

Lamielle Valerie

I pledge to try to reduce my food waste by 50% through better planning, storage and reuse. I will also source more imperfect vegetables, products that are seasonal and available from my area.

Giselle Embry

I Dream of Peace Clean country environment and a happy comfortable learning future for All children. I will keep working to make this dream come true. Insha Allah

Anjum Wasim Dar CER Kids

I would like to pledge on the behalf of my nation 'INDIA' & My country's pledge starts first from me with responsibility of its improvements, growth and conservation.

Vinod Joshi

I pledge to be fully working to raise awareness among farmers to avoid using excessive chemicals in farming to sustain biodiversity and protect our environment.

Mir Wali Lakanwal

To educate the people of Bahrain about the benefits of recycling


My dream is to live in a peaceful country without war to have the chance to become a chef


mon reve est d'avoir une planete propre

gassoumi tissem

I have a green Dream.

Mohammadreza moshajari

1.5 Billion tons of food is wasted annally by the world.This can feed the entire sub-saharan continent So one of the best , way of solving global poverty is to minimise food waste . I PLEDGE to minimise my food waste and spread this message

Sivaram Kumar Selvarajan

Don't consume more than you need. Everything at some level come from nature and the consumerism is always increasing which make the world waste energy and natural resources.

Leonardo Altomar

Save our planet recycle PET in Oneo every action count

Leticia Martinez



MY pledge is Participatory integrated Watershed Development Programme & Natural Resource Management With the support of Indigenous Technical Knowledge Helps in Implimentation of of an Innovative Idea

Suryakant Vishnu Patil

I Pledge Sustainable developement of rural INDIA with the help of Governement schemes available . With the help of Traditional Knowldge & Natural Resource Management these villagrs are Eco-Friendly & having minimum co2 emmultion

Suryakant Vishnu Patil

I pledge to try to reduce my food waste by 50% through better planning, storage and reuse. I will also source more imperfect vegetables, products that are seasonal and available from my area.

Bernardo Her

I pray and hope that I can contribute to the society. Helping the less fortunate, protecting the environment , inspire millions of youth to make the best out of their lives and never give up hope. These are my pledges

Taranee Uma Maheswar

I want to help our people to raise their "ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY " . I pledge to do my best for protection of natural resources .

Burhan Valadbaigi

I pledge to reduce, to the best of my abilities, the purchase of products with "single use" or disposable packing and to influence people around me to do the same.

Ana Carolina Tramontini

Proyecto medioambiental “Construcción de muebles con botellas de Plástico”

seba silveira

Promover el cuidado del medio ambiente, a través de la realización de actividades cotidianas, donde participen estudiantes y docentes de los Centros de Bachillerato Tecnológico del Estado de México

Subdirección de Bachillerato Tecnológico

I pledge to be the voice of the homosexuals in the world to defend their equal rights and to be the voice of peace in the world.

Amal Mohammed

I want to make a difference in the e-waste matter, and be the better recycler of the world.

Gerardo Canavati

Use of Jute BAG while shopping.

Ajinkya Nalawade

Yo sueño con que en un futuro todo el mundo cuide el medio ambiente no por obligación sino porque les importa y les sale del corazón

Natalia De Arco

My Dream Is To Be A Doctor, And Help Everyone Who Needs It!


“What is more important is that each of us have become a part of this histrionic moment as 177 countries around the world celebrate International Day of Yoga”,


Save the earth's my dream, let's together to save the earth!

Alham Haidir

I pledge to be a voice and an active agent of change for Environmental stewardship. I commit to raise awareness about the negative impacts of unsustainable consumption pattern

Titilope Gbemisola Akosa

I think ,plantation of trees is the only solution to save our planet.Try to reduce the use of plastic and also reuse it.we have to manage our waste matter properly.

Chittaranjan Naskar

Mon engagement est de planté chaque moi une arbre pour contribuer à l’oxygène pur dans la planète...

stanis ndjoku

Mi sueño es contar con un mundo con alimentos libres y limpios de pesticidas, cuidando asi el ambiente y a su vez un consumo sano y libre de tantas enfermedades. Consumo de alimentos organicos es consumo sostenible.

Gaetano Caolo

Yaya's pledge will come here...


Me comprometo a apoyar a África en su esfuerzo de convertir las energías renovables en la FUENTE DEL FUTURO para el acceso a la energía en el continente.

nacho baña

Me comprometo a apoyar a África en su esfuerzo de convertir las energías renovables en la FUENTE DEL FUTURO para el acceso a la energía en el continente.

francisco toni

Sueño con un pais en el que se reduzca la contaminacion, y que toda la gente tenga agua potable. me comprometo a cuidar mi ciudad y hablarle de esto a mis amigos!!


Ahorraremos recursos, incluyendo agua y energía, en nuestro día a día, y pediremos a nuestros conocidos que hagan lo mismo.

Micaela Conti, Oriana Ponferrada

sueño con un pais en el que se reduzca por completo la contaminacion ambiental. me comprometo como ciudadano a tirar los papeles en el cesto.!


Ahorarré recursos, incluyendo agua y energía, en mi día a día y pediré a mis amigos, colegas para que hagan lo mismo

facundo fernandez

I pledge to be an active voice for a clean environment and teach generations after me to maintain a clean environment. Clean the earth.

Tony Joy

My dream is to see this earth as a fossil fuel free Earth and My pledge is to continue to work towards making that dream a reality.

Sudeep Ghimire

I dream of oceans free of plastic, of Africa having proper running water in every village and town and of a world where only sustainable energy is used.. say no to Coal!!!

Claire Lawrence

My pledge & promise for the environment I will do my part to protect the earth, I will always recycle , reduce the waste , i create from waste out of best and i reuse it.

Yukta belge


claudia Lioi

I pledge to contribute to adherence to street cleaning in my community .

Kenneth opara foundation

I pledge to contribute to environmental sustainability through awareness creation and sensitization.

Kenneth opara foundation

Je rêve d'une Afrique propre, saine, zéro déchet d'une part et d'autre part une agriculture biologique utilisant comme principal intrant le compost.

Adrien Ngaha

I wish to see Oroomiye Lake with full of water again.