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Shirley McGreal  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Education, Conservation 

Summary of Achievements:

Shirley McGreal is the founder and Director of the International Primate Protection League (IPPL), a primate sanctuary in South Carolina, USA. She has devoted her efforts to fighting the illegal international trafficking of apes and other primates.

IPPL has developed into a worldwide network of some 14,000 members and 32 field representatives. Ms McGreal is one of the most important champions of the 1973 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), and has been instrumental in setting up and maintaining primate nature reserves in Thailand and Uganda.

A native of Cheshire, England, Shirley McGreal lived in India from 1969 until 1971 and then moved on to Thailand. There her interest in primates changed from purely academic to more activist. Having been directly involved in the rescue of adult and baby gibbons and other primates since the early 1970s, Dr. McGreal has made herself the bane of poachers and endangered primate traffickers worldwide.

In 1988 Shirley McGreal won the prestigious Marchig Award for her efforts to protect primates around the world.


Shirley McGreal
International Primate Protection League IPPL
P.O. Box 766
Summerville, SC 29484

Email: info@ippl.org
Website: www.ippl.org