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Lucy Mulenkei  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Education, Health, Law, Land 

Summary of Achievements:

Lucy Mulenkei is a Maasai from Kenya who has began as a broadcast journalist in the government-run radio for 17 years on issues of the environment and development. Her programming focused on environment problems in rural Kenya and the East African Region.

Lucy also runs the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) in Kenya, which publishes the popular grassroots publication, Nomadic News, focusing on environmental issues and successes affecting pastoralists and hunter-gatherers in Africa. IIN also disseminates environmental information related to the indigenous movement worldwide, and organizes workshops in Nairobi to provide a platform for African indigenous people to share and discuss information.

For the past several years Lucy has been working both as a chair and coordinator of the African Indigenous Women’s Organization in the East African Region. She has coordinated the training and capacity building for indigenous rural nomadic pastoralist and hunter gatherers on environment and sustainable development with a main focus on biodiversity conservation and traditional knowledge.

Lucy has worked with more than 100 different grassroots organizations in East Africa. She has also networked worldwide with other grassroots women in Latin America, Canada and Asia respectively. At the international level she has tried to connect the grassroots women especially those from her region with the international agendas. Lucy also chairs the Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network.

Lucy is not only the Executive Director of IIN, she is also an active member of the International Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of Tropical Forests, and organised its 5th conference at UNEP headquarters in November 2002.

She has played a pivotal role in giving voice and providing information to African indigenous peoples fighting to conserve their natural environments and their sustainable ways of life and through her extensive network and the free distribution of the magazine Nomadic News.

During the last five years, Lucy Mulenkei has organized several regional, continental and international workshops in Kenya. In 2002 she was the only woman nominated to sit on the nine members National Environment Council, which advises the Kenyan Ministry of Environment. Lucy was one of the resource persons during the Women as the Voice for the Environment meeting held in UNEP in October 2004 and chaired the workshop on ‘Enhancing global-local linkages: indigenous and local women’s perspectives on sustainable development.



Lucy Mulenkei
Indigenous Information Network
PO Box 74908
'Kenya '

Email: iin@iin.co.ke / mulenkei@yahoo.com