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Lorraine Adams  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Conservation, Marine and Coastal Areas 

Summary of Achievements:

Lorraine Adams has played an outstanding role in advancing the cause of conservation and environmental protection in coastal North Otago, New Zealand. Thanks to her efforts local authorities and industry are facing up to their responsibilities.

Prior to Ms. Adams making a public issue of the neglected condition of the Oamaru foreshore, this beach has been the site of fouling by sewage and industrial waste from timber plants, abattoirs and freezing-works plants. Ms. Adams’ actions raised the anger of civic leaders and on every point raised by her and denied by local authorities, she has been found to be correct.

She has been tireless in cleaning litter and debris from the beach and has obtained the support of many schools. Most of the planting along the shoreline has been carried out and substantially financed by her. The colonies of blue penguins have also benefited from her actions, which have improved nesting sites and increased their safety from predators.


Lorraine Adams
85 Hull Street

Email: coasthopperotago@yahoo.co.nz