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Denise Alves Fungaro  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Sustainable Consumption 

Summary of Achievements:

Denise Alves Fungaro is a research scientist in environmental area in the Center of Environmental Chemistry at Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research, a Brazilian government organization.

She has carried out research on the application of zeolite synthesized from fly ash as an adsorbent to the decontamination of wastewater. The ashes are produced in large scale in coal-fired power plants in Brazil and it is necessary to search for new alternative uses to expand the field of application. Dr Fungaro consider that environmentally-friendly use of coal ash is important from the viewpoints of energy, economy, social and environmental strategy in order to realize the concept of sustainable development.

Denise Alves Fungaro is a laureate of the Young Scientist Award (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – 2003) and BRAMEX Award (Brazil - Mexico Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Tourism - 2005).
Winning these awards is another important acknowledgment by society of efforts of Dr Fungaro´s research within the principles of Sustainable Development.

Dr Fungaro has a Bachelor´s degree, a master´s degree and Ph.D. of Science in Chemistry from Sao Paulo University, Brazil. Dr. Fungaro had a pos-doctoral program, sponsored by FAPESP (State Council for Research, Sao Paulo, Brazil), from Coimbra University (Portugal).



Denise Alves Fungaro
Av Prof Lineu Prestes , 2242
CEP 05508-000
Sao Paulo
'Brazil '

Email: dfungaro@ipen.br
Website: www.ipen.br