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Julia Butterfly Hill  

Areas of Environmental Action:

Bioversity, Forest 

Summary of Achievements:

Julia Butterfly Hill conducted a courageous vigil to protest the logging of a magnificent 600-year old redwood tree named Luna, one of the last ancient redwoods tree on the planet, within a grove that is one of the last wild places left in the USA.

During her two year stay in Luna, Hill received international publicity, conducted hundreds of interviews and news conferences and entertaining celebrity visitors. Her protest attracted more attention than any other demonstration by the thousands of environmental activists who have fought for more than a decade to preserve ancient redwood trees from being logged.

Hill was unemployed -- the daughter of an itinerant preacher -- when she joined the forest protest movement that took off in Humboldt County after the Maxxam Corporation bought Pacific Lumber and began clear-cutting large tracts of forests. Nine months before Hill began her vigil living in Luna, in March 1999, Maxxam agreed to sell 7,400 acres of its Humboldt property to the state and federal governments for $480 million to preserve the ancient Headwaters grove and other redwood forests.

Hill and other environmentalists denounced the deal for preserving too little of the forests and paying Maxxam too much. Then Pacific Lumber began logging the ancient redwoods that they could cut down legally.

Luna began her protest by using civil disobedience, conducting a courageous vigil on behalf of one of the last wild places left in the US and one of the remaining 3% of old growth forests within the US.

She founded the Circle of Life Foundation to, "inspire, support and network individuals, organizations, and communities so together we can create environmental and social solutions that are rooted deeply in love and respect for the interconnectedness of all life."



Julia Butterfly Hill
Circle of Life Foundation
PO Box 388
Garberville, CA 95542
'United States of America '

Email: info@circleoflifefoundation.org
Website: www.circleoflifefoundation.org